Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yes, we all know that Middle School is full of drama. I was reminded of this very thing during the past week. After spending five days with nearly 40 drama queens (not including the guys), I vividly remember what being in Middle School was like. I hated it. But looking back, there’s no way that I was like that…is there?

Stories were blown out of proportion all week – it went from a guy peeing in the lake then getting back into the canoe (what ACTUALLY happened) to a guy peeing on a group of girls (what we were told happened); From a girl saying she wanted to kiss a boy (what ACTUALLY happened) to a girl really kissing a boy (what we were told happened). Of course, after a little investigation, the truth came out. It was just the fact that you had to dig for it.

I was even a victim of this thing called gossip. Several different times I was told what I’d apparently said to someone, when in reality those words had never been uttered from my mouth. Kinda fun telling those girls, “Uh, I never said that and whoever told you I did was either gossiping or lying – you figure it out.” Kind of a rude wake-up call for some of them. By the end of the week, a few of them were just coming straight to me to see what I’d said. I guess they learned their lesson.

Of course, there’s the group of guys that every Middle School girl is in love with – secretly or otherwise. And so, the love-notes ensue (the fake ones and the real ones); and the teasing; and the incessant following. We now refer to them as “the groupies.” And the guys tend to keep a cool head about it, I suppose. Ha! They love every second of it.

There are some things about Middle School that I would love to have back, though. The simplicity of life, the innocence, and the ability to giggle continuously for hours on end. Other things I don’t miss – the insecurities, the pressure to “fit in,” the unambiguous cliques, and the whole “pretty/not pretty” statistics that are mentally kept by every single kid. You do still get a summer when you’re in Middle School – I definitely miss that. But I don’t think there’s a way I’d trade what I have now to go back. I probably couldn’t handle it. At least not again. Pin It

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