Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Random Stuff

Well, things are once again rolling and I have random stuff to talk about. So, here goes.

The 4th of July has once again come and gone. Again, not without a great neighbor story. Only here is it actually legal to shoot fireworks within the city limits. So, for two nights in a row, we were subject to the random miniature explosions that are Black Cats and Bottlerockets.

Most people choose to do this in the driveway/street in front of your house. Apparently that concept escaped the Non-English Speaking Neighbors, who shot theirs in their backyard. So, as over-protective dog and overly-sensitive dog were freaking out in their respective manners, we locked the them in the house and distracted them with chew toys. It's one thing to shoot fireworks in your own yard and clean up your own mess. But having not shot any fireworks of our own, Husband and I were a tad disgruntled at having to pick up piles of firework leftovers from our yard. And the leftovers weren't just from the neighbors behind us. Gas Company Guy (works for the Gas company and drives the gas company truck home) and Orange Truck Guy were both out in the street lighting their cash on fire in the form of fireworks. We've left the trash in the front yard so far, sort of out of laziness, but also out of curiosity - to see if anyone will be picking up their own trash from our yard. We'll see. As I write this, some genius is shooting fireworks down the street. Great. More trash to pick up.

Fabulous Photographer Girl is still working on the pictures. I think the shoot went well, and I really like what I've seen so far. When she's done, I'm sure they'll be great and I know we'll love them.

Husband, Technology Guy from the office and Nerdy Little Brother seem to be enjoying themselves in GeekLand. Granted, they only arrived last night, but things are well underway and they stand to have a great monitor tan by the time they get home. I hope they enjoy themselves and come home with lots of cool stuff.

Well, I'm swearing off of processed sugar...again. At least for a few weeks. I've been on way too much of a sugar kick lately and I know it's not good for me. So, I'm forcing myself to take a break. I'm actually hoping that after my time limit is up, I'll be so happy with myself that I'll keep it up. We'll see about that. There are some things that can only be fixed by chocolate. Pin It


  1. Someone shot off fireworks in our driveway while we where gone. I guess they thought the police would get mad at them or something. :-p
    I have almost decided Joel can go to camp next year and I'll go to NerdFest. :-)


  2. Ah....Chocolate....

  3. Well, your other Brother - what title would you give him - shot fireworks in our yard with his buddies. They picked up SOME of their trash - but they left a few choice pieces here and there.

    SO being the fair mother that I am - when I was mowing today I just mowed every bit of the trash. It is now in millions of little pieces all over the yard.

    Having the position of POWER - I can now have Fireworks Son pick up MILLIONS of pieces of paper instead of just a few.

    You gotta love it. Being a parent is all about POWER - and how you choose to use it :)

  4. I should start referring to you as Evil Mother or Power-wielding Mom. LOL

  5. Don't care for the title EVIL Mother very much.

    Mother NO, The Enforcer,
    The Terminator, ... I have you know I chose these on my own. I know that you are amazed at this ONE instance when I could remember anything from the movie world!