Friday, August 23, 2013

Knock Knock…

Husband has been trying to teach the kids the fine art of knock knock jokes. I’m not sure that it’s going very well.

I don’t think Caedmon really understands the “punny” part of the joke. In fact, I’m quite sure he doesn’t. Most of the time, Husband’s attempts to tell (and then have Caedmon reciprocate) knock knock jokes ends up with Caedmon answering some sort of “eyeball” and laughing hysterically.

Eyeballs are funny, right?

The situation got even further complicated when Husband introduced Honor to the time-tested, “Guess What?” “Chicken Butt!”

And then we all laugh uncontrollably because hearing “Chicken butt” come out of Honor’s mouth is…well, hilarious. And I do not have the parenting skills to not laugh at that.

The problem is that they are now getting them mixed up. As I was getting ready for church Sunday morning, Honor came and knocked on the bathroom door. I asked, “Who’s there?” (We do like to at least try to teach manners around here. Sometimes.) Her response was, “Chicken butt!”

We’re really going to have to get this straightened out.

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  1. Ok, that is funny. Just last week my husband taught the boys, "Guess What, Chicken butt" except now it is "Guess what? What? Zebra Butt . . .or elephant butt. . .. or hippo butt." HA! The knock Knock jokes - my boys try so hard . . .but have no clue yet it makes me laugh every single time.

    1. Haha! Have you seen that new AT&T commercial with the kids telling knock knock jokes? Makes me laugh every single time. They don't quite get it, either.