Monday, June 10, 2013

Mr. Baseball

It’s officially summer baseball season. This is Caedmon’s first year to play baseball.

We’ve had a few practices get rained out, but the practices we’ve had have been fun and I think Caedmon’s learning.

Here, he was getting some batting coaching from Coach A.


And here? Yeah, he was filling his glove with dirt.


When you’re five, you just can’t pay attention at second base all the time.

Our first game was on Saturday. The chaos of warm-ups.


The coach brought some eye black for the kids. They were loving it. And doesn’t he look so big? Where did my baby boy go?_DSC0223

Honor wore her brand new baseball shirt. She was a hot mess. The game was during nap time (and started late), so she was in rare form.


The first inning, Caedmon played right field.


He got to bat in the first inning, too.


(In this league, half the team bats in the 1st & 3rd innings, the other half bats in the 2nd & 4th innings. And all kids rotate positions and must play an infield position at least one inning. The coaches pitch to the kids, and if they strike out, they get to hit off a tee. No official score is kept, but, um, unofficially, we won this game 9-7.)

Second inning, Caedmon got suited up to play catcher. I think he was kind of excited.


He was about swallowed up by the catcher’s gear, but he looked so cute. Ahem, I mean, handsome.


Meanwhile, Honor was feelin’ sassy. Everybody at the ballpark was fully aware of it, too.


The other innings, Caedmon played outfield. He got to bat again, too.


It was hot and long, but Caedmon had a blast.


And that’s a good thing – we’ve got 10 more games left to go!

I’m thankful for the four (yes, four!) dads who are giving up their time to coach these kids and wrangle them at practices and games. And for the big sisters who come and help manage the dugout, keeping the batting order going and helping gear up the pitcher and catcher. I am thankful for their sacrifices and baseball wisdom. Because there’s no way I would know what to do about any of it!

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  1. I love how yall's league works! Ours was only 2 innings. We just went through the line up each inning, so everyone bats once. Everyone plays in the field at the same time, so positions are kind of lost with 13 kids playing 9 positions :) And there's no outfield. Weird, but it works for 4-5 year olds I guess.