Monday, January 21, 2013


Caedmon is playing basketball for the first time this year. Remember our foray into soccer last fall? I have a feeling this will be a teensy bit more organized. Also? They keep score. I know.

And since he touched a basketball for probably the first time in his life the Monday before his first practice, I’d say he’s doing really well. We’ve had two practices and our first game was Saturday.

The team had a little meeting before the game. Honor tried to get in on it, but Caedmon (#12) gently moved her out of the meeting. Only the first of many times she’ll try to horn in with his friends.


They got to take the court and had a little warm-up.


Then, they had their team cheer. (Go Buffaloes!) (Yes, it’s a weird plural. But I looked it up.)


They met with the other team for prayer.


And the game was on! Caedmon started out riding the pine. Or the metal folding chairs, as it were. He didn’t seem to mind.


He finally got in on the action. And I don’t think he could’ve been happier.


One of the many things I like about Upward sports is that they actually teach the kids to play the sport. So they’re actually learning the rules and learning to run plays. The coaches obviously coach their own teams, but they help the other players out, too. The refs even gave a little bit of instruction here and there.

Caedmon even got to inbound the ball. Since they’ve only had a couple of practices, Coach R was reminding Caedmon what he needed to do.


Here’s Caedmon, celebrating a score with his team.


Giving “good game” fives after the game.


And at the team meeting afterwards, Coach R awarded Caedmon the blue star for effort.


Caedmon loved the game and is ready to play again!

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  1. I can't wait for Brayden to play Upward sports. He's enrolled in t-ball through the city this year. Honestly, I would have preferred to skip it, but considering he's been asking for well over a year to play, we went ahead and let him do it.

  2. Upward was a great experience for our sons. (Began it a FBCS)