Friday, December 21, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. We introduced Caedmon to the movie Home Alone a couple of weeks ago. We’ve since watched it approximately 8,973 times. He loves it. And I forgot how incredibly awesome it is. Since he started watching it, we’ve had our house booby-trapped, he’s drawn up a “battle plan” (like the one Kevin rolls out), he’s recreated the after-shower scene after his own shower, and he told me that he needs to go shopping on his own sometime while he’s still a kid. I’ll be allowed to sit in the parking lot, but he needs to go into the store and buy something on his own. In the words of Kevin McAlister, “I don’t think so.”

2. Honor loves the Christmas tree. So much so, that it’s not allowed to be un-lit in her presence. She yells, “Tee! Tee!” And she’ll try to plug it in herself if I don’t get there fast enough. She is also hooked on the song “Jingle Bells.” As in, she’ll go over to my laptop (where we usually turn music on), and she’ll yell, “Jee Bewws!” over and over until I turn it on. I will confess that I have resorted to putting it on repeat to keep her happy. Whatever it takes.

3. I’m excited to see the kids open their gifts this year. Caedmon gets it – and he’s counting the days until Christmas. Honor has no clue what’s coming, but I know she’s going to love her gifts. Our kids are super blessed by generous family members who make sure they have stuff they’ll love. I know it’s going to be a lot of fun!

4. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. Yesterday was the first time our heater kicked on in a week, I think. It’s been crazy warm. It’s been nice, but I’m ready for some actual winter.

5. There has been more progress at the house, but we haven’t been inside since last week. It’s been so wet and muddy, we’d have to get nasty to get there, and we haven’t been able to go when we could get dirty. But insulation is in and I got an email notification that drywall has begun. Hopefully things will dry out a bit (or someone will have built some sort of mud bridge) and we can manage to get in over there this weekend. It’s getting close, and I am getting more excited every single day.

6. Speaking of the new house, one thing I’m getting for myself after we move in is a new Kitchen Aid mixer. I’ve wanted one for years, but just haven’t felt like I could/should spend the money. I’ve been saving and have decided that when we get that new kitchen, it’s time for a new mixer. (Plus the fact that my 14-year-old hand mixer is about to bite the dust.) The only problem I have is trying to decide what color to get. I think I’ve chosen, but I’m not sure. If you have one, what color do you have? Or what color would you get?

7. I’m also thinking about starting to make our own bread. I’m tired of paying $2.50/loaf for the “decent” stuff. So if you have any good sandwich bread recipes, send them my way.

8. Honor hasn’t been sleeping well the past few weeks. I’ve tried to blame several things, but I really have no idea what’s causing her sleep issues. But waking up screaming 2 hours after she goes to bed and staying up (crying off and on) until midnight is not cool. Especially when she wakes up early and yells at Caedmon until he wakes up. All I know is this: I’m tired. She’s tired. Caedmon’s tired. We’re all tired of the screaming. I hope we can get it figured out soon.

9. And due to #8, this will be the last point. Y’all have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. I have the silver Kitchen Aid Professional mixer. After having the basic white one for 10 yrs, I knew it was worth the price to upgrade. I saved over $400 by waiting for a rebate offer from Kithenaid, using Kohls cash, and a Kohls sale online. I paid the same price for the Pro that I would have paid for the cheapest model. If you are not in a hurry, wait for sales. Hope you enjoy your's as much as I do!

  2. I tried to post a comment, but it didn't go I go again...
    After 10 yrs of using a basic white Kitchenaid mixer, I bought the Professional (silver). I love it! I paid the same price for it as the cheapest model. I got a Kitchenaid rebate from their site, used my Kohl's cash, and got it on a 40% off Kohl's sale online. If you are not in a hurry, wait for a sale. Bed, Bath, and Beyond have a 20% off coupon online if you need it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

  3. Mine is white :-) (I actually had to go look) but 10 years down the road when mine needs to be replaced, I would go with Red or Black unless I could get the Professional version :-)

  4. I too one want a Kitchen Aide but will have to wait until I get a kitchen with room for it! Which at the rate we're going....may be never. Ha! I'd love a red one-think red is just beautiful and fun!

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Red and pink are my favorite colors so far :) Merry Christmas.