Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun Visit with Family

We had a fun and busy week last week! Mom, Dad, and Meemom came for a visit. Well, they came to town to do some fun stuff, and let us tag along for some of it.

We met them at the mall for some shopping and dinner.

Proof that my parents are grandparents: Mom suggested letting Caedmon ride the carousel. And then Dad rode with him!


Honor found a cool place to ride – Meemom’s lap!

riding with Meemom

We ate at a really cool restaurant with a HUGE aquarium in the middle of it. The kids loved it. When we arrived, there was a scuba diver feeding the fish. It was pretty cool to watch.




Mom, Dad, and Meemom hung out at the house with us some, too. You know it’s fun if you need a helmet to play.


Honor discovered Meemom’s purse. And proceeded to take everything out and put it back in at least once.


We went to the zoo one day, too. The weather was perfect!


Caedmon checked out the elephant skull pretty closely.


We looked at the giraffes for a long time. They ended up coming pretty close.


Dad and Honor “hid” behind some greenery so they wouldn’t bother the elephants.


We stopped for a snack break.


Caedmon and Mom at the zebras.


Caedmon’s favorite – flamingos. He took this picture!


The kids got to pet the goats at the petting zoo. Honor called them all “Oz”.


Honor’s favorite thing at the zoo was the noisy monkeys. I’ll have to post that video sometime.

We are glad we got to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and Meemom. And we hope we get to see them all again soon!

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