Monday, October 15, 2012

18 Months

Honor has made it to the magic month. From now on, she’s closer to being 2 than she is to being 1. Pretty soon, I’ll have to start saying she’s “almost two.” Ugh.

Honor’s already a little drama queen. I have no idea what that means for us as she gets closer to being 2. Actually, I do. Trouble. It means trouble.

But it’s cute trouble.


(Aunt Trump sent some of her home-grown honey, and included a LOT of bubble wrap. The kids were more excited about the bubble wrap than the honey!)

I know that Honor looks a lot like me, but sometimes it’s hard for me to see. Before the move, I dug around in a box and found a few old pictures and couldn’t believe how much we do look alike. I definitely see her Daddy’s features in there too, but there’s no doubt that she’s my girl.

These first two pictures are when I was about Honor’s age – 18 months or so. I would apologize for my parents’ fashion choices, but I think you know that the late 70’s/early 80’s were not kind…to anyone. Apparently Mom & Dad were planning on me being a sailor. Sorry to disappoint.

Melissa, 18 mo family

That face I’m making? Very similar to one that someone else made for our recent family photos. Go ahead. I know you’re thinking it. I’m payin’ for my raisin’, as they say.

And here’s one of the few times in my life I wore a frilly dress. Bless Mom’s heart, she tried. I’m just not a dress girl.

Melissa 18 mo portrait

My hair was light, like Honor’s is now. It darkened on its own, so it makes me wonder if Honor’s will too.

By the time I was five, my hair was dark. And in some sort of feathery, short hair style. This smile? Caedmon’s.

Melissa, Kristin, 1984-ish

And this little baldy I’m holding? It’s Curly. Yeah. She was a late bloomer when it came to the hair, but she made up for it. I think it’s also interesting to note that Cousin E looks just like her Momma.

I took this picture while the movers were loading. My hair wasn’t fixed and makeup was not even a thought in my mind. But it’s the only recent shot I have of the two of us. I suppose we look like we belong to each other.


These two have my heart. I’m so thankful God entrusted us with them.


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  1. She absolutely does look like you!!!

    Happy 18 months sweet thing!!!