Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. Thanks to clearance sales at three different stores, I have now purchased 95% of Christmas gifts for my niece, nephew, and my kids. Since I didn’t even start until after Thanksgiving last year, I am feeling very accomplished. And I love that I saved money.

Caedmon had better not decide he doesn’t like Star Wars anymore before Christmas. I think we’re safe.

The only challenge I have now is hiding them between now and then. I still remember finding Mom’s gift stash, and I don’t know that I ever told her. (Sorry, Mom.) Hopefully I can keep these a secret.

2. I stopped in the dollar store the other day, which is something I rarely do. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I went into a dollar store. You know, the kind where everything’s $1? It’s not because I’m a dollar store snob. It’s because who wants to take two kids into a store you don’t have to go in? Not me. Anyway, I saw this at the checkout and had to take a picture.


Seriously? Who buys an at-home drug test at the dollar store?

The store manager was my cashier and she laughed when she saw me take the picture. She said she sells out almost as fast as she stocks them. Well, those and pregnancy tests. I just hope they’re not being purchased by the same people.

3. Honor had her first shot at the little door at the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House the other day. I think Caedmon was as excited about it as she was.


4. We’re using Lifeway’s “The Gospel Project" curriculum for Bible lessons this year. It’s made for use by churches for small groups, but I think it will work well for us. Since Caedmon doesn’t write yet, I decided that for his journal pages, he could draw or color something about the lesson. We studied creation this week, and he drew/colored the things that God created on each day. I helped a little, but most of it is his drawing.


I especially like the purple people. With purple hair.

(He knows Adam and Eve were the first people. But he had to draw himself, too. Apparently he was there.)

5. Honor is enjoying having a little “table time” while Caedmon and I do some lessons. Clearly, I need to pay more attention to her hairstyles. That, or working puzzles really is hard on a girl.


6. Is anyone else having Olympics withdrawals? The good thing is that I am able to now go to bed before midnight and not feel like I’m missing something big. Not that I couldn’t read my Twitter timeline (Or check websites. Or watch TV.) for spoilers because NBC refused to air things live. But I’ll hush about that until we have the 2014 Olympics in Russia.

Also? Caedmon was “jumping hurdles” in the living room the other day. There’s video. I’ll share it later.

7. Husband’s birthday is next week. I’m looking forward to making a (hopefully) delicious cake for him and going to eat some Mexican food. In case you weren’t aware, Mexican food might as well be a love language at our house. I can already taste the Creamy Jalapeno Ranch dressing.

8.  Caedmon asks daily if he’ll be 5 “tomorrow.” His disappointment grows each day. The night I’m finally able to tell him, “Yes, you’re 5 tomorrow!” will be epic. And he probably won’t sleep. But that’s not really new.

9. Speaking of Caedmon turning 5, I have to get his birthday shirt made. It’s nothing special this year – just a blue shirt with iron-on number 5s. But it’s what he wanted. I wanted to do something with a hand print (since he’ll be a “whole hand” old this year), but that’s not “cool”, so an iron-on number it is. Sigh. There’s always Honor. Not that I’ll be able to convince her of anything. Ever.

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  1. Your blog posts make me smile! And, yes, I've had a bit of Olympics withdrawal! But glad to move on to other things. We home school and will begin next week. Your mom was a big encouragement to me when we lived in AR - I realized if she could do it, and as you've said, you all turned out normal, we could do it, too. Mine are 7th grade and a Junior. Not nearly as fun as what you're doing, but we enjoy it.

    You might have to make Caedmon a calendar he can mark off each day until his birthday!