Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Kid-Cation, Part 1

We arrived at Mom and Dad’s on Thursday afternoon before Memorial Day. We settled in, hung out, and got ready for a fun week. Caedmon kept telling me we were on vacation, but with Daddy not there, it wasn’t quite the same. So we called it our Kid-cation.

Friday morning, the kids wasted no time getting back to the toys. They love Cini’s toys. (As much as we tell them that most of those were our toys when we were kids, they still think they’re cool.)


We met our friends at Chick-fil-A for a play date. It was so much fun!

Honor thought she was big stuff, playing on the playground.


She even learned to climb on the playscape. I. am. in. trouble.



It’s not like we took over the playground or anything.


Or looked like the paparazzi at all.


We tried to get a group photo of the kids, but Stella and Emerson had already left. And we had friends who couldn’t make it. We definitely missed them!

But amid the chaos, this was as good as it got. In the back, Cilla, Hannah, and Lilly. In the middle, Jillian and Brody. And in the front, Honor, Caedmon, and Reid.


After we left the playgroup, we made a stop at Rick’s Bakery for some treats and smash cakes for a special photo shoot. Somebody was a little excited about being at Rick’s. Caedmon was excited too.


When we got back to Mom and Dad’s, HLB was there to see us. Caedmon had so much fun hanging out with him.


He always comes up with fun games.


NLB was there too – but we let him take a nap.


We spent the evening hanging out and playing. We got up and did it all again on Saturday…plus an extra special party!

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  1. I"m laughing at your brother sleeping with his hat over his head, because my brother does that when i'm around, or a pillow, because he knows i'll take his picture and post it on the internet! ha!

  2. hehe.. sounds like a great time!