Friday, June 15, 2012

Honor’s 1 Year Pictures

Since Honor is 14 months old, I figure it’s time to post her 1 year pictures. But since they were taken on our recent trip home, I’m really not that late. Right?


Humor me.

Without further adieu, here’s my girl!

Honor edit-0143

Honor edit-0147

Honor edit-0170

Honor edit-0185-2

Honor edit-0197

Honor edit-0205

Honor edit-0211

I got a smash cake at Rick’s Bakery. (You might recall that we have a special affection for Rick’s.) It was adorable. And perfect.

Honor edit-0386

By the time we got to the smash cake photos, Honor was tired. And about pictured out. But I think we still got some good shots!

Honor edit-0388

Honor edit-0396

This look on her face cracks me up.

Honor edit-0400

“Uh-oh, Mom. I got icing on my toe.”

Honor edit-0407

“And maybe there’s more now. On purpose.”

Honor edit-0409

“Maybe it’ll taste better off my toes.”

Honor edit-0413

“Ok, I’ll go ahead and try it straight off the cake.”

Honor edit-0417

“Or just play with it.”

Honor edit-0425

I love this girl!

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