Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cousin E Turns 1

With all this moving nonsense, I just realized that I never posted the pictures I took of Cousin E while we were home. She actually turned 1 while we were there, and we took advantage of it and did smash cake pictures with her, too!

She was much more into the smash cake thing than Honor was. E had been smashing cake for three days in a row by the time we got to these photos, so she was a pro. And maybe a little hungry.

Eliza Edit-0444

Eliza Edit-0447

Well, she was after she got to the cake. She is her mother’s daughter…she had to stop and fiddle with every little piece of debris on the sidewalk on the way to her cake. And yes, I said that to Curly’s face during the photo shoot. No passive aggressive, find-out-how-I-feel-on-my-blog sibling junk here.

Eliza Edit-0449

E had the bear crawl down – she’d make any football coach proud.

Eliza Edit-0478

See? She dove right in.

Eliza Edit-0483

Eliza Edit-0484

And got right to eating. Meanwhile, Trump and Deputy Guy were occupying Honor and the boys by feeding them the rest of Honor’s smash cake. There was plenty left. It’s a good thing we did hers first – E didn’t leave any to share!

Eliza Edit-0504

She didn’t let any part of it go to waste. It was on the concrete? So what!

Eliza Edit-0509

Eliza Edit-0521

Yum! She is such a cutie and looks so much like her Momma!

Eliza Edit-0561

Purple icing is so good!

Eliza Edit-0539

Eliza Edit-0550

Happy Belated Birthday, E. We’re glad you enjoyed your cake!

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  1. i love her little painted toesies!!