Friday, April 13, 2012

We Just Can’t Quit

So, yesterday was our official celebration of Honor’s birthday. Y’all are probably feeling like it never ends, but to quote M’Lynn (Steel Magnolias), “you only have your first birthday once.”

Here I am with the birthday girl.


And with her Daddy.


All of us with Nana. (Thanks for taking the picture for us, Ian!)


Caedmon wasn’t feeling well. In fact, he had a 102 fever most of the day. That, however, did not stop him from enjoying the party!

We started with singing Happy Birthday and cupcakes, where Caedmon promptly blew out the candle during the song.


Also, the time your only stick lighter will quit working is when you must light a birthday candle. While people are watching and your parents are waiting via Skype. Good thing I found some matches.

Honor dove into her cupcake. And when I say she “dove in,” I mean she daintily took little tastes. Seriously. My kids are neat eaters and don’t get into the whole food-smearing thing. The only time that’s bad is…now.


I broke up the cupcake into pieces and she was happy to pick those up and eat them. And she ended up with some in her hair. I felt like she was official.


Meanwhile, this kid was having fun with his cupcake. Which means he licked the frosting off the top.


My two cuties.


Next, we opened gifts. Mom and Dad were with us via video chat.


Caedmon helped Honor.


And she stood by herself for quite a long time.


After opening gifts, we all moved outside for one more surprise from Cini and Papa Duke. (Ian carried the laptop for us. Thanks again, Ian!)


A water table!


Caedmon helped me pick out one of Honor’s gifts, and then saw the other by accident (we won’t get into those details). He also knew about Nana and Poppy’s gift. So the water table was the only real surprise. As we walked outside, Caedmon exclaimed, “Wow! How did you get this out here without me seeing it?!”




I know this is going to be a fun thing for both kids!

Later (after some dry clothes!), Honor sat in the floor and played with her new toys with Nana.


We had a fun time celebrating Honor’s first birthday. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes sent via comment, Twitter, and Facebook. We both appreciate them very much!

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  1. Happy Birthday Honor! Looks like a great birthday!! Addi did the same thing at her 1st and 2nd bday parties. Just daintily picked off some frosting. haha!

  2. so sweet! happy birthday to honor!! she already looks older :)
    and let me just say that i am SO jealous that your kids are both neat eaters. mine are like cavemen-ha! libbi's teacher's commented the other day about what a messy eater she is (she's almost 3!) and how they just can't seem to send her home clean from school - ahah! we try everything, but she just likes to get down to business. laney is pretty much the same way :)
    oh well. love all the pics!