Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honor’s First Birthday

Honor had a great birthday yesterday. At least I think she did.

Husband, Caedmon, and I sang Happy Birthday to her before we got her out of bed. Our early morning singing is…well, not great. She was a bit confused, but enjoyed it. (And yes, that noise you hear in the dark is her squealing.)

Here are the decorations we put up the night before – to enjoy on her birthday and party day. She smiled big when she saw them. The girl already appreciates party décor.


This is the banner I decided to make about 9pm the night before.


I tried to take Honor’s picture in the”Miss April” t-shirt I made for her to wear yesterday, and this is as good as it gets.


She was wiggly, so most of the pictures look something like this…


And I tried to get a picture of Caedmon and Honor together, but he jumped into the chair and bonked his head on the window sill in the process, so this is the best of those shots.


We had a beautiful day, so we took advantage and spent some time outside before naptime. We’re glad to have Nana visiting to spend Honor’s birthday with us!


She thinks she’s big stuff on this little playscape.


Today is party day. So tomorrow, you’ll be subjected to more pictures of my kids and pictures of my kids eating these beauties:


I can’t wait!

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  1. C's face in that picture.. ohhh bless his heart! poor lil guy! having just boinked my head on a metal bar and getting stitches and all of that mess, I greatly feel his pain.

    1. Ouch! I hope you're better soon - and I'm glad his didn't require more than a kiss from Momma and a little time.