Friday, April 20, 2012

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

Caedmon and I were having a discussion about manners (specifically gulping), and he asked if other people gulped. We talked about how it didn’t matter what others did, that he was supposed to do what he knew was right.

“Did Jesus gulp?” he asked.

“Well, maybe. But if his Momma told him not to, I’m pretty sure he didn’t.”

He furrowed his brow and said, “Jesus is bigger than all of us. He didn’t have a Mom.”

“Uh, yeah, Mary was his Mom. Remember? She rode on a donkey and he was born in a stable?”

His eyes brightened up, “Oh yeah. I remember.”

“Isn’t it cool that Jesus had a Mom too?”

He was less than impressed, “Yeah, I guess.”


Caedmon asked me to read some of his Bible to him, and opened it to the book of Luke. I was explaining to him that Luke was a doctor and he liked lots of details, just like him.

“Did he write it a long time ago?” he asked.

“Yes, Luke wrote this a long time ago.”

“Like in the 1950’s?”

“Um, no, he wrote it way before that.”

“That was a really long time ago, then.”


When something smells bad at our house (dirty diapers, etc.), Husband often uses the word “reek” to describe it. I never really thought much about it until Caedmon walked out of the bathroom the other morning and said, “Man, it freaks in there!”

Close. And much more funny.


Caedmon’s class talked about Adam and Eve the other day. They did a coloring page that he brought home. They also made a coiled “snake”. I was talking with Caedmon on our way home about the story and what he learned. I thought for sure the snake was going to be his favorite thing, but after a little back-and-forth, he got excited and said, “Mom! Did you know they were naked?! That was my favorite part! It was funny!”

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