Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Break

It’s Winter Break here this week, which is something new for me. I guess when you live somewhere that doesn’t get snow days, you need a bit of a break between Christmas and Spring Break. That being said, we’ve had a bit of a different week. But that doesn’t mean it’s been bad. Not at all.

Caedmon made some “binoculars” so he could “look at birds.”


Toilet paper rolls make for great craft items!

Honor cracks me up with how she sits most of the time now. I suppose it’s easier than the traditional way. You know, with your feet out in front of you.


She’s getting so big! And her hair? Out of control. I have to put a barrette in it to hold her bangs out of her eyes these days. And I think those three (almost four!) top teeth coming in are just adorable. Except for when she grinds them. Then they’re not cute at all.

This boy has continued his Star Wars obsession. He begs to watch the moment he finishes breakfast. When I finally turn it on, he lounges with his light saber while he watches.


He also brings his “war elephant” in the living room while he watches.


And again, there are certain parts of each movie he’s allowed to watch. I definitely know the DVD chapters by heart now.

The kids also had some fun, learning a new trick with Daddy. (Hopefully there’ll be a video tomorrow.)


Oz wasn’t impressed. But this might be the first ever picture of him where he didn’t try to immediately run from the camera.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, and we went for a walk and picked some daffodils from the yard. I had to take them back outside – my allergies would not allow them to stay in the house. But they’re out on the patio table, so I can see them from the kitchen. It’s almost as good.


Also? Honor decided she wanted to help with laundry. I will take help with laundry any day! But Caedmon was concerned. He kept saying, “Mom! Honor’s getting slobber on my clothes! You need to wash them again.” I don’t think so, Bud.



And of course, more Star Wars. (The best part ever. Go Yoda!)


We met our LifeGroup at Monkey Joe’s last night for some great play time, but I didn’t get any photos. We enjoyed getting to chat with our LifeGroup friends, and it was fun to see all of our kids together. They played hard the entire time we were there, and Caedmon was out like a light at bedtime.

Mission accomplished.

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