Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week in Pictures

This pretty much sums up our week.

Sick boy. Who’s finally well.


He was probably watching Star Wars. We’ve watched a lot of Star Wars this week.

A busy sister.


From whom nothing is safe. (Well, nothing low to the ground, anyway.)


(Yes, she crawled onto the bottom shelf of the changing table. Sister wanted a book pretty badly.)

This is what the kitchen table looked like one morning. Who am I kidding, it looked like this most days this week.


I made a Chocolate Wasted Cake (more on that later) for our LifeGroup fellowship tonight.


And since Caedmon is feeling better now, he spent some time with Honor in her room this morning. They’ve missed playing with each other this week.


Now, to keep everyone else well so we can enjoy a fun, busy weekend!

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