Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Something Special

Last week, we received a special package in the mail.

Cookie Edit-0430

My friend Holly sent some goodies for us. And she wasn’t shy with the bubble wrap.

Cookie Edit-0437

As I continued to unwrap, I became more and more excited.

Cookie Edit-0440

And when I got through all the careful wrapping, I had a pile of the cutest cookies that have ever graced my kitchen table.

Cookie Edit-0456

Cookie Edit-0458

I couldn’t wait to dive in. Caedmon was napping, and I thought maybe I should wait for him to get up. But that thought was fleeting. Very fleeting. This cute little Razorback was too much to resist.

Cookie Edit-0450

It was so good.

Cookie Edit-0451

To the last…

Cookie Edit-0453


Cookie Edit-0455

And when Caedmon got up, he tested one of Holly’s cookies too.

Cookie Edit-0467

And he approved.

Cookie Edit-0471

We so appreciated getting to help Holly experiment with shipping. That little bit of Razorback love was good for us that day.

Holly makes awesome cookies. She made some super cute Angry Birds cookies for Brayden’s party and some sweet little diaper cookies for Hayes’s baby shower. And the good news is that you can order cookies from Holly too! She now has a website at (It may still be under construction, but she’ll be there eventually!) Or you can email her directly at thedoughmestichousewife AT gmail DOT com.

I just want y’all to know that Holly didn’t ask me to give her a plug on my blog and she didn’t pay me to say nice things about her. But I’ve known Holly and her family since…forever. And I’m more than happy to do whatever I can to help her with her new venture. So order some cookies. You’ll be happy you did!

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