Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I mentioned the other day that Honor is loving her some Oz lately. And it seems the feeling is mutual. Oz has always “checked” on her when she cried (which isn’t really that much), but he seems to be hanging closer to her lately. He voluntarily comes over to her at appropriate times and sits still while she pats him and grabs at him with her jerky baby arms. I don’t know if his increased fondness is due to her being more like a “kid” now or directly proportionate to the amount of crumbs she’s left on the floor around her high chair lately. Either way, they’re both happy. And I love it when kids and dogs love each other.

2. I’m still working on Caedmon’s “stories” he tells me at night. He gets a little camera shy. Well, that’s not true. He’s never been camera shy. Hello. Have you seen his photos? He gets a bit tongue tied when I turn the camera on. When we’re laying in his bed with the lights off and his Buzz Lightyear tap light under his chin, he’s much more creative. Still, they all seem to begin with “One night” and usually involve camping. I have no idea where that comes from.

3. We’ve started watching Alcatraz. My LOST void was never filled after that show ended, even with other JJ Abrams shows floating around. This one, I think, is going to work that magic. And maybe we’re reading too much into things, but we’ve noticed several LOST-esque scenarios. That, we love.

Also, one of our friends suggested that maybe all the guys were on The Island.

4. I was watching an episode of Friends the other night and saw my favorite mug! I don’t know the name of the episode, but Rachel was holding it in her office at Ralph Lauren. I knew I had good taste in mugs.

5. Clearly, I’ve been watching too much TV lately, but I am loving the Direct TV commercials that relate cable to waking up in a ditch or having a grandkid with a dog collar. They make me laugh every time.

6. Have I mentioned how warm it’s been here? I have? Well, let me say it again. Yesterday, Caedmon played outside in shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Barefoot. Honor played outside in the exersaucer, too. It was nice to have that time outside, but it’s a little strange to be *this close* to turning the air conditioner on in January.

7. Honor is officially commando crawling now. And she mostly goes after Caedmon’s toys that he leaves in the floor. He still hasn’t figured out that if he leaves stuff in the floor, she’s going to get to it. Her favorite items of late are Matchbox cars and Light Sabers.


8. I have this random thing with my eye that’s been going on the last few months. Sometimes at night, after I’ve taken my contacts out, my left eye starts burning and stinging, and waters like crazy. As if I were boo-hoo-crying. I can’t stop it. I have no idea what causes it and nothing seems to stop it. It’s never both eyes, or even the right eye. Perhaps I should have it checked out by a doctor instead of just talking about it on my blog, but…not today.

9. I was able to get an appointment for Caedmon with a new birthmark doctor. In May. It’s a long time to wait, but hopefully it will be worth it. And maybe we can get in earlier if there’s a cancellation.

10. After hearing/reading about lots of friends watching Downton Abbey, I watched an episode on Netflix the other night. I think I’m hooked. I just don’t know if I can come to terms with watching a PBS “Masterpiece Theater” show.

11. (Yes, there’s an 11 this time because it’s just so good.) Celebrity Apprentice is back in a few weeks and I can’t wait. We saw a commercial last night and I have two words: MC Hammer Dog Pound. I was misinformed – Arsenio Hall, not MC Hammer, will be on Celebrity Apprentice. Along with a spectacular cast.

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  1. oh man... no words to describe how much we love downton abby!!!

  2. Well, I'm watching it - I doubt I could get the Husband to watch it with me! Not really his cup of tea. Ha!