Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas 2011, Part 3

After leaving my extended family, we drove to Mom & Dad’s. We arrived Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon, we had our good old fashioned family Christmas.

Honor and Cousin E had some cousin lovin’ going on.



Finally everyone gathered in the living room and chaos commenced.

Yes, the girls are holding trash cans with their stockings. Obviously they wouldn’t fit in the stocking. And Mom is queen of the practical gifts.


But before we opened our stockings, we had to draw for our annual Christmas Vacation gift. Trump won this year – some of Cousin Eddie’s floaties!


Of course, we made her put them on. And she modeled Cousin Eddie perfectly, don’t you think?


Our family is probably the only place you can get a machete in your stocking and no one thinks it’s weird.


HLB played with the little guys while everyone opened their stockings. (It takes a sweet forever because we all have to take turns.)


Candy dispensing, theme song playing Darth Vader? Yes, please.


Cousin Q is his momma’s boy. It took him a loooong time to take the paper off of this ball because he insisted on placing each tiny piece of paper he tore off in a designated spot before he’d tear off any more. We finally gave up and moved on.


Captain America! Thank you, Uncle HLB!


A trash truck! He’s been wanting this Toy Story trash truck for a long time. Aunt Trump & Uncle Grade A made it happen!


It took so long to open gifts, Q had to pause for a snack. That boy eats like a beast!


And when you have grandkids in diapers, your gifts come in diaper boxes.


Knife sharpening stuff. Grade A might need to borrow that for his machete.


Uh huh. You see where Caedmon is and who has the Captain America….


It’s not a family gathering without some cousin wrestling.


And then the aunts got in on the action.


But the best part of the night was when we got HLB, NLB, and Grade A to play Caedmon’s new Dr. Seuss game with him.




Caedmon was using Mom’s rocking horse as a bull – and had her pulling his chute for him. Uncle HLB likes to take things up a notch, so he brought his helmet in for the boys to wear.




Worn out yet? That was just one day! More to come tomorrow!

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  1. 1. ahh good ol HLB. ;)

    2. We do our presents one by one as well and it also takes a sweet forever. sad thing is there are only 7 of us total. but when my brother decides to stop and read the comics that are in his box. um. yeah.

    3. i forgot 3. sorry.