Friday, December 09, 2011

Catching Up

Sister can rock the jeggings.


We had a surprise visit from M3. He was immediately swept into a battle.


I have no pictures of Honor with M3 because she’s in the phase that Trump refers to as “stranger danger” and doesn’t do well with…anybody, really. I decided not to take pictures of her crying in his lap. They’ll both thank me later.

We bought groceries. We cleaned house. We went to church.

Husband took us out to eat for my birthday. Since I was craving a Hugo’s burger and wasn’t able to drive the 12 hours to get one, we enjoyed some Five Guys instead. Though it wasn’t Hugo’s, it was still pretty good. And it hit the spot.

I also got to go shopping by myself. It was glorious. Especially since Whitney had already done some pre-shopping for me. Which means I said, “I need someone to tell me what to buy,” and Whitney said, “I’ll do it!” She sent me some emails with links, so I knew what to look for when I went to the store. It made my life so much easier. And, thanks to a little help from my friends, I will have some new, cute things to wear at Christmas. Yay!

The kids and I spent Thursday (aka my birthday) hanging at home and enjoying each other’s company. Not much got done. Which was fine. And then Husband brought home Chick-fil-A for dinner, which made the day even better. He also bought me Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (which I hope to read very soon), so with that, combined with my Anniversary/Birthday/Christmas gift of a new laptop, I’ve been well taken care of.

We are going to enjoy a weekend without a full schedule, the last one for a while. And with that, I’m off to drink some tea and watch Phineas and Ferb with Caedmon.

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