Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a nice, lazy Friday, and a jam-packed Saturday. Here goes!

Saturday morning, we went to Caedmon’s soccer game. Honor and I watched from the car most of the time. The wind was crazy and it was just too much for her. Caedmon had fun, but pulled the “I’m ready to go home” junk when it came to game time. This Saturday is his last game, and I think we will all be glad. It’s been fun, but I just don’t think soccer is his “thing.”

After lunch, we met up with the McFaddens and went to a fall festival in our neighborhood.

Caedmon and Eli jumped right into the fire truck.


The petting zoo was a hit.


And Caedmon was a pro on the pony ride.


Then, we settled in for a “birds of prey” show.


We didn’t stay long. The big guys were more antsy than the little guys, I think. It’s just as well. Honor was ready to get rollin’ again.


And we topped it off with a balloon sword.


We headed back to the house and the boys wore each other (and us) out. We had a quiet evening and watched two football games simultaneously.

I used to enjoy this time change thing. At least the one where you “gain” an hour of sleep. But the problem is that no one tells little kids they’re supposed to sleep an extra hour. We managed, and I hope to get the kinks worked out of our schedule soon. Honor was a sleepy girl before we even left for church.


After church, I tried to take a few pictures of the kids. It’s definitely challenging to get them to both look at the camera at the same time. As in, it didn’t happen.





Not bad so far. Not spectacular, but decent. And then? She got mad.



Caedmon even tried to tempt her with a leaf. It didn’t work.


Poor girl. I’m not sure what set her off, but it took a while to smooth things over. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the kids both fighting naptime while I folded laundry and read.

Honor’s first tooth popped through this past week, so I’m hoping that’s what has been causing her sleeping troubles and grumpiness. I have a feeling there’s more coming with another tooth trying to work its way in. Teeth are nothing but trouble, I tell ya.

We have a fun and busy week ahead, and I hope to post some pictures from our trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago. But for now, it’s time to get on with the to-do list and get this Monday rolling!

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  1. love the picture of honor in the stroller...she looks so cute with her hat on! caedmon is such a sweet big brother. libbi is still a little too rough to be able to "hold" laney. and, laney just had two teeth pop through and another one on it's way. teething stinks!! :(