Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday, we took advantage of the pool. And the lazy river. Honor went “swimming” for the first time!

Caedmon liked jumping in, but the current was a little strong for him. He can touch the bottom, but it’s just a little too deep for him to be comfortable.


Honor seemed to like the pool.



And Caedmon loved playing with his squirt gun. Or whatever that thing is called.


We swam in the big pool for a while, too. Caedmon is getting better at swimming, and I love that he enjoys the water so much.

Saturday, we hung out at home and watched TV. I’m sure there was football on.


Honor is being initiated to the football huddle. I’m not sure she knew what she was in for.



And Sunday? Well, on Sunday, Caedmon decided that he needed to wear Honor’s bow while we were getting ready for church. He’s worn them before and I’ve always refrained from taking photos. But I finally decided that if he’s going to insist on wearing her bows, I’m going to take pictures at least once.


We have a busy week ahead. Actually, I have a busy week ahead. I have lots of things to get done to prepare for my guys’ birthdays coming up! I’m trying a new recipe and maybe a new technique. Hopefully they’ll be worth sharing!

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