Friday, August 19, 2011

This Week In Pictures

We took some fun pictures this week…a lot of fun pictures!


Honor rocked her leg warmers the other day.


I wanted to get a good shot of Caedmon and Honor laying together. It started off ok.


I got him to put his hands down.


And then things went downhill. Honor started doing little sister things…like touching Caedmon’s hair.


He lost it.


And she didn’t really care.



It was a multiple meltdown day. So we moved on.


And then he came back for more.


I love the feet!


And my budding photographer wanted to get a shot of his own.


We also went to the playground for a picnic one day. Or if you’re Caedmon, a “pick-make.” But first we had to play.


And cheese for the camera.


See? All done.


And what do you do with a big, empty field? Run, of course!



And finish it up with some good ol’ tire swing.


I spun him around on that tire swing for a long time. He claimed to never get dizzy, but I didn’t make him get down and walk. It was right after he ate, too. As I stood there spinning him around for the umpteenth time, I thought, “I sure hope he doesn’t lose his lunch,” But all is well. Lunch was not lost. There has to be a way we can capitalize on this whole doesn’t-get-dizzy thing. I’ll have to think of something.

Yesterday we went to the pool, but I didn’t take the camera. So I guess it technically shouldn’t be mentioned here since there are no pictures. I just realized how busy we’ve been this week – and I’m ready for a little rest! Y’all have a good weekend!

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