Monday, August 01, 2011

Keepin’ It Real

My friend Angela has “Keepin’ it Real Thursday” at her blog, but I decided I wasn’t going to wait until Thursday. Because if there’s anything real around here, it’s Monday.

I had hoped by now to have everything unpacked and put away. But it hasn’t happened. And since I am unlikely to wake up tomorrow with little elves having come and taken care of everything for me while I was sleeping, I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of our new house.

Because let me tell you what’s real, and that’s the way my house looks in these pictures. There was no “prep”. No cleaning. No picking up. I didn’t try to get Caedmon to put on clothes. Or even move out of the shot.

Here’s Caedmon’s room:


I finally hung the pictures in his and Honor’s room on Saturday. I was so happy to hang the handprints his friends made as a going-away gift!


And we are representin’ with the Razorback flag on the wall.


Also what’s real is that Caedmon has decided that all photographs should contain a) a funny face, b) his tongue, or c) both.


And here’s Honor’s room:


Her tissue balls made it with a moderate amount of squish-age, which I had to take some time to get over. I wanted to ask the packer, “Do you even know how much time it took to make those things?” But he was long gone and off somewhere packing someone else’s things by the time I found my lopsided tissue rosettes.

Honor got a new addition to her room right before we moved. I’d searched high and low for just the right piggy bank for her and finally found one at Riffraff just before we moved.


I snuck in to take the photos of her room after I’d already put her to bed. Yes, she’s still a tummy sleeper. But when she sleeps like an angel, who am I to complain?


Here’s the living room, looking in from the entry way.


The rug is new – love it!


Looking toward the entry way from living room. (And yes, that’s laundry on the couch. It’s clean.)


The piano is in the entry way. So glad it doesn’t have to be in our room anymore! Above it is a painting my grandmother (Meemom) painted back in the 60’s and gave to me several years ago.


Dining area.





And another painting from my grandmother is on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.


Laundry room. Definitely not the monstrosity we had at our other house, but I’m happy to have enough space for some storage!


Caedmon’s/hall bathroom.


And the most complicated light fixture in the world. Two of these bulbs went out and we couldn’t figure out how to change them. Mom had to use a suction cup to get the bulbs out. So glad she was here to help us take care of that!


And the office/guest room…


…which has had the least amount of attention.


I’ve got to get in that room soon and get it figured out. We have a ton of books and we’re going to have to figure out where to put them. And get ready for some company!

Who’s coming to visit next?

There are no pictures of our room/bathroom yet because although I’m “Keepin’ it Real”, I know when to draw the line. Next to the office/guest room, those rooms have had the least amount of attention and are in desperate need of some help. And it’s not a pile of boxes…it’s piles of stuff. Ugh. Drives me crazy. Hopefully I can get that finished during the next few days!

I have a feeling I’m going to be taking Caedmon to the pool a few days this week. I bought Honor a swim diaper so she can “swim” now, too. You know a girl has to have a cute outfit for the pool, even if she doesn’t swim. I really just want to see her in those little pink bloomers!

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