Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

One night as we were getting ready for bed, I told Caedmon to go to the potty one last time.

Caedmon: “Momma, will you come with me?”

Me: “No, you can go by yourself.”

Caedmon: “But Momma, Jesus died on the cross, you can come to the potty with me.”


While taking Caedmon to a Half-Caf Bathroom

Caedmon: “Momma, give me some privacy.”

Me: “I will, but I can’t go out. I have to stay in here.”

Caedmon: “Then stand behind me and don’t look at me.”

Me: “Alright.” (I turn my head to look at the door instead of him.)

Caedmon: “Why are you looking at the door?”


Me: “Caedmon, I’m not going to fuss at you about eating your lunch today. Please just sit there and eat like you’re supposed to.”

Caedmon: “Ok, Momma.”

Five minutes later, Caedmon: “Momma, I want you to come fuss at me about my lunch.”


After we moved, my tendonitis was acting up, so I put my wrist brace on. Caedmon asked a zillion questions about it. The next day, he asked again…

Caedmon: “Momma, why are you wearing your brace?”

Me: “We talked about it yesterday. Do you remember why I’m wearing my brace?”

Caedmon: “Yes! Because your brain hurts.”


Quoting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Husband said, “You chose wisely.”

Caedmon: “No Daddy, I chose Sprite.”

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  1. Popsicle man is my favorite super hero too! (;

    LOVE your house...wish it was located in my neighborhood...but love it nonetheless.

    I adore the deep thoughts from Caedmon posts. Adore!

  2. Found your blog linked from Jenna's Journey.
    This post is so cute!! Sounds like your house is never dull. Sweet little minds!

    I'm following :)
    Come visit us any time-