Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Varsity

While on our house-hunting/get to know the new town trip, we ate at The Varsity in Atlanta. I was excited to eat at a place that’s been featured on several TV shows. And anything on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has to be a good place, right?


The counter was long, but the menu was simple.


Honor wasn’t impressed.


This was the view from our table.


I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. And a Coke. I will go ahead and say that the Coke was spectacular. (I am a Coke snob. Not every place has their mix just right, but their fountain Coke was right on the money.)


Husband and I shared a Frosted Orange.


Actually, if you know anything about Husband’s sharing issues, you know that he had some first and then let me have the rest. He doesn’t share dairy…or anything with any semblance of dairy. And that was just fine with me. Because um, yum!

We’ll definitely be back. I can’t wait to take Caedmon. He’ll love it!

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  1. we loved the coke in Atlanta and surrounding areas too. The Coke museum is there and I kind of expect they might have trained the area well in what a coke should taste like. :-) We didn't get to the Varsity on our trip, looked really busy, and with three small kids it didn't seem worth it.
    That burger looks good at 8am!

  2. This may or may not be a double comment.

    I have been to four different places featured on DDD and they were all outstanding!

    I am officially in denial. You know...about the move. I don't like new location tweets by the hubby. Makes it hard to stay in my denial. Just FYI.

    Lastly, I don't want to hurt Honor's feelings but she comes off a little food snobbish in this post. Ha!!

  3. I've never eaten there and we go to Atlanta all the time especially during football season. We always say we are going to stop but something always happens.