Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Graduate

Squirt had a graduation party at Mom & Dad’s the other night, and we had a blast. Caedmon was concerned though, because he didn’t see a cake. To Caedmon, party = cake. He managed to get over it and enjoy himself, though.

Cousin Q was a blur most of the night, but I caught him still for just a second!


Papa and Dad were chillin’ before everyone arrived. (NLB’s truck Scarlett is in the background…she’s even parked under the shade tree. Mom & Dad are taking good care of her until he gets back from “over there.”)


Mimi and Honor hung out inside for a while.


The guys were manning the grills.


Everyone ate and talked. It’s what we do.


Honor hung out with a few special people – Sass was more than happy to hold her for a while.


Caedmon ended up pretty dirty, but he had a blast.


Especially when Uncle Grade A was playing with the kids on the swing set.


The horses wanted to get in on the party.


And even though it was Squirt’s party, this is the only picture I got of her…running from Caedmon, who was chasing her with a water gun.


This is Caedmon and Mallory. She’s one of Mom and Dad’s neighbors, and a hot mess. Caedmon will really miss her!


We stayed long after sunset, but I got a shot of it during the party.


Happy Graduation, Squirt. We love you. We’re proud of you.

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