Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a quiet weekend, which was nice. Friday didn’t even seem like Friday. Husband and I went through most of the day thinking it was Saturday. Which was nice, because then we actually had Saturday.

But the weather didn’t exactly cooperate. Friday it was rainy and Saturday it was cold. So Caedmon (and Husband) spent a lot of time playing with trains in the living room.

Honor watched.


Before the rain and cold weather hit, Caedmon picked some “flowers” and brought them in for Honor.


Yes, those are leaves off our Maple tree. I couldn’t bear to tell Caedmon that they weren’t really flowers because he was already crushed that Honor couldn’t actually have them. So we stuck them in water and gave them a place on the kitchen table for a few days.

And we discovered a perfect fix for a fussy evening. Two words: Moby Wrap.



And maybe the best part of the weekend was getting our newborn photos back from Blaire.

Sunday was Curly’s baby shower for Cousin E, who is due the first of June, but may decide to be like her cousin and come early. Then we attended a birthday party for one of Caedmon’s friends at the bouncy place.

I forgot my camera for both events. Pregnancy brain does not end when the baby comes. I think it just gets worse.

This week we are looking forward to working on a regular daily schedule. And on the agenda today? Cleaning up/cleaning out Caedmon’s room. Anybody wanna come help with that project? I didn’t think so.

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  1. We LOVE our moby! It's great for public outings as well when you don't want people touching your child, but you NEED to get out. We still use it often!