Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honor’s Newborn Portraits

Our friend Blaire took some fabulous newborn photos of Honor, and I’ve been so anxious to see them. (And show them off!) Newborn photos were a completely new experience for us since we didn’t do them with Caedmon. We chose our friend Blaire for Honor’s pictures for a few reasons. We know many talented photographers, but I know Blaire has a passion for newborn photography and is a Mom herself, so she understands babies. Blaire was wonderfully patient and quite determined to make sure we got good pictures.

And I think we did.

The day we were to take pictures was a day that will go down in infamy…for many reasons. One would be that we got almost 6 inches of rain that day. Everything was flooded – to the point where the University even closed early…something that usually only happens for several inches of snow/ice. And it was also the first time Honor peed on me. But more on that later.

All of the pictures Blaire did were wonderful, but here are a few of my favorites.

Blaire snapped this one of Caedmon before we got started.


We got a few together as a family.



And some with Daddy.



And some with Caedmon.




Then the boys headed out and Blaire focused on Miss Honor.



Ya’ll might not want to know this, but this is often what we call her “poop face”. It’s still cute, though!




And one of my favorites…love the hat!


We’re using this one for her announcement…which I’ll show you soon.


Love the hat!


And quite possibly my favorite one…definitely getting enlarged! Recognize that artwork? Thanks, Blaire for finding a way to incorporate it!


And then, we finally got shots of me and Honor together.



And the one where she peed on me…


We couldn’t be happier with with our photos. If you’d like to see more of Blaire’s work, check out her site!

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  1. These are precious. Love!

  2. These are amazing!! What great memories - I love them!