Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I went to Walmart yesterday in search of some good (clearance) Valentine’s Candy. And I was sorely disappointed. Pretty much all they had were cheesy little conversation hearts, 5-piece boxes of chocolates and random marshmallow items. What happened to the good candy, like M & M’s and chocolate hearts? Nowhere to be found. So I went to Target, where they still had some good candy. I may have brought home four bags of chocolate of some sort. It was all on clearance and I had coupons. Score!

2. Walmart may have been out of good Valentine’s candy because they were too busy getting the shelves cleaned off so they could put out the Easter candy.

Yes, that’s right Easter candy.

I am all about some Easter candy. It’s my all-time favorite. It just tastes better than any other holiday candy. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules. I thought about picking up a Reese’s Egg or three, but refrained.

3. The Easter candy on the shelves was also a reminder that Baby Sister is coming soon! She’s due the Thursday after Easter. And if it’s close enough to Easter to put out the candy, it’s close enough for me to get a little wigged out about getting Baby Sister’s room in order.

4. After the past few weeks of frigid temperatures and crazy snow, highs in the 50’s and sunshine this week have been marvelous. And very welcome. Caedmon, in the same breath, asks if we still have snow and when he can go swimming. I may have to break out the goggles and let the boy swim in the tub. He’s clearly going to shrivel up and die if he doesn’t get to swim soon.

5. After two weeks of no KDO, I’m already mentally planning every moment of tomorrow. Caedmon is excited about the Valentine’s Party he finally gets to have. And I’m excited about having five straight hours of the day where I don’t have to answer, “Why?”

6. Caedmon has this habit of licking his lips and face around his mouth. He’s had a constant red moustache the past couple of weeks. So I bought him some Chap Stick the other day. I may come to regret that, as the last time he put it on he tried to apply it all the way up to his nose.

7. This whole second-kid preparation is throwing me off a bit. I need to hear from you guys what you did to prepare for 2nd (or 3rd) baby or wish you had. Anything. For the sibling, for the house, for yourself…whatever.

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  1. My second was born 3 days before Christmas (and i knew he would be ;-) ) so I made a list of everything I wanted done before he came home. I was a slave driver haha and made sure my husband did it all. It was the most organized/ready I've ever been for anything. So my suggestion, get all of those little projects done, the house as spotless as you want it, any upcoming birthday gifts/cards bought/addressed, any upcoming holiday stuff planned and purchased (or have a list of what has to be purchased) finish up that baby room and be done. It made the first 2-3 weeks after my 2nd was born so much easier too because everything was done so I didn't have to try and run to the store with two kids and pick up anything last minute. I also planned a few easy meals to have the freezer but I didn't find cooking to be a big deal anyway - yet those meals made it nice for my husband so the shopping list was shorter! We did buy a gift for our 1st born to give at the hospital but honestly, he was more interested in that new face than he was his gift.

  2. I love Easter candy!

    Before Jillian was born, her room was totally done and our house was ridiculously clean and organized. I am so glad I did those things.I do not regret the time and effort I put in around the house. I do wish that I had made a few freezer meals. I did this before I had Brody and it was great. We had 3 weeks of meals from friends and then I had 3 weeks of freezer meals so that got me to the 6 week mark. This time I started cooking (having Josh pick-up food on the way home) at 3 weeks. It's much, much harder, in my opinion, to cook when you have a toddler and new baby because you literally do not have a moment to yourself for the first few months. Maybe it was just me, but nursing and taking care of a boy that wasn't yet 2 was more than enough to keep me busy!

  3. I would prepare by buying as much stuff as you can before the baby. The less you *have to go out is better. Juggling 2 kids is a little bit harder than one (3 is even harder) but we love the kid carts, all three can get in!
    Just be sure to get the big stuff and when you finally decide to make a trip out you won't have to worry about how your going to get that giant box of diapers or dog food or paper towels in the cart with a toddler and infant.

    Get a sling, a baby carrier of some kind. If you find one you like you will use it. If you don't use it it's not the right one for you. I got a sling with my 3rd baby and I love it!!! I really wish I had it for the other two. I made my own, ring sling.

    Get an itzbeen timer (or borrow one). That saved my life with McKenna. If I remembered to press the buttons (which I did) you don't guess how long it's been between feedings, diaper, sleep. LIFE SAVER! I only used mine for about 8-12 weeks.
    Isabella was in the NICU after she was born so by the time she got out I was ready for two kids and the stress and craziness of it all. With McKenna I had a week of help and two weeks of food brought to me. By week 3 I was ready to be Mom, cook, and wife. Having every thing prepared was not that big of a deal. She didn't have fancy anything and the house pretty much stayed the way it had been, we added the pack n play into our room. Once she got home we finally got all the rest of the baby gear out and set up.
    You seemed to be much more organized than I am, so do what you feel needs to be done. But you know what the baby needs, the rest is just fluff.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels the need to prepare things like that for when this baby comes. Husband thinks I'm an over-preparer and I was starting to agree wtih him. Now I have justification that 1) I'm not crazy and 2) if I am, so are ya'll!