Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday. And I’m so glad. Even if all our days seem to run together sometimes, Friday is somehow always better than the rest. I know, it’s all in my head. But let me have it, people.

I spent the majority of yesterday cleaning out Little Sister’s new room. Yes, we just moved furniture in there, but the pile o’ junk that we were accumulating for a) a garage sale or b) a huge trip to the donation place kept growing as we moved things around. And it was starting to take up a lot of room. Still not enough to justify putting forth the effort for a garage sale, but enough to itemize for our tax return next year.

That’s right, Uncle Sam, I’m already thinking about next year and the brand new deduction we’ll get to mark on our tax return. Take that.

(I know that’s really sad. But as expensive as it is to have a baby (and how much you boost the economy by buying all sorts of stuff), you should get a double deduction for the first year. I’m just sayin’. Somebody wanna write that proposal for Congress to take up? I’m sure they have plenty of time.)

We still have to clean the closet out in that room, and it’s going to be painful. Mainly because there’s nothing else we can really get rid of in there and we are running out of room. Scratch that. We are out of room. I love my house, but if I could just have some more storage space, that would be awesome.

Once the closet is done, I feel like I can start doing other things. Because I will be able to put things away in the closet and get them out of the middle of the room. And then I can take pictures. There are currently no pictures because I almost start twitching every time I look in there, and who wants to have memories of that? Or start twitching again in 15 years when I pull out the photo album?

(Just kidding. I don’t do photo albums. I really mean, when I pop the DVD in and scroll through the photos.)

I had this grand idea to make several kissing balls from The Idea Room’s post for her room. To use either as a mobile or to hang from the light. They’re not hard, but they take a sweet forever. And I do mean forever. I’m loving how it looks, but at the rate I’m going, I may get one finished by the time she’s born and the rest…by the time she’s actually allowed to kiss a boy, which will be age 21.

Meanwhile, Caedmon is managing with his missing Snoopy. We haven’t seen him since Tuesday. And it’s been a little difficult, but Eeyore has done well in his stead. I seriously have no idea where Snoopy could’ve gone. He didn’t leave the house…he’s here…somewhere. We will find him one of these days, I’m sure. But since it took me 2 1/2 weeks to find the spackle (that was sitting in the exact spot I left it in), Snoopy might just be lost for a little while longer. A crazy preschooler who likes to stash stuff and a Momma with pregnancy-brain isn’t a very good combo when it comes to locating items.

Also, Caedmon has had an issue with clothing the past week or so. As in, he doesn’t want to wear any. Most days, even when I force him to get dressed in the mornings, he looks sort of like this by noon:


Although in this photo, he’s actually wearing socks and shoes. I have no idea why, because those usually don’t get anywhere near his feet unless we’re going somewhere.

Clearly the warmer temperatures are going to his head.

He’s also been stripping his pajamas off after I put him to bed. I find him in the morning with just his underwear on. As long as he doesn’t freeze to death during the night, I don’t care. It just means I don’t have to worry about buying the boy pajamas.

So now we’re off to enjoy our Friday. And the rest of our weekend that will neither be snowy or frigid. Ya’ll have a good one, too!

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