Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Boy With No Name

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Well, “Snowpocalypse ‘11” arrived and brought some freezing rain, sleet, and lots and lots of snow. Husband wasn’t even able to get to the office yesterday and worked from home. And it looks like we’re having another snow day today. But more on that later.

A few weeks ago, Caedmon and I had been grocery shopping and as we pulled into the garage, Caedmon told me he had to get “his boy” from the back.

After a little questioning, I discovered that Caedmon had bought himself an imaginary boy at the store. And he rode home in the back with the groceries. You really can get everything at Walmart.

Apparently this boy is three, like Caedmon. Yet Caedmon gets to boss him around and bring him out only when he feels it’s necessary. He puts him down for a nap occasionally, too. It’d also be nice if he had a name. It’s a little awkward referring to him as Caedmon’s “boy” all the time.

Here are a few conversations we’ve had lately:

Caedmon: Momma, will you help me pick up my dishes?

Me: No, you made the mess by yourself, you can pick it up by yourself.

Caedmon: But I need help!

Me: Tell your “boy” to help you.

Caedmon: I don’t need his help. I’ll do it by myself.


Me: Caedmon! Turn the water off and quit messing around in the bath tub!

Caedmon: But Momma, I’m giving my boy a bath! He’s dirty!

Apparently this boy likes to get dirty and doesn’t help clean up.

I don’t remember a specific imaginary friend as a kid. But I know lots of well adjusted, normal people did. I don’t see anything wrong with Caedmon having an imaginary buddy to play with. But if I have to start setting a place at the table for him, I might have to draw the line.

I’d love to hear about yours and/or your kids’ imaginary friends!

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  1. Ha! When kids use their imaginations it helps their little minds and brains to grow! No worries. In fact Emma had an imaginary friend for about 2 years (starting at C's age until about 8 months ago). Her friends name was Jonafer (spelling?). She would have conversations with her, and I will admit one day I even had to open the door (literally) to let Jonafer in. It didn't seem to damage her - she's a genious now!

  2. I don't remember my dear, imaginary friend, but my mother does. I was probably about 4...His name was Gary. Moma did have to set a place for him a time or two. Gary, my imaginary friend, "vanished" when the "real boy" Gary moved in across the street. I would be an example of one of those perfectly well-adjusted adults that had an imaginary friend :-)

  3. My mom babysat a little girl with an imaginary friend. One night the girl's mom had to bring her back over because she "left" her friend at my mom's house and refused to go to sleep until the friend was home with her.

  4. "I would be an example of one of those perfectly well-adjusted adults that had an imaginary friend :-)"

    Cindy - is this up for debate? :)

  5. Liem had pirates (yes, more than one) when he was little. He had them for at least 2 years. He even pointed out the house that they lived at before they came to our house. It was always so funny to hear him talking to and about the pirates!

  6. Jennifer, imaginary pirates is the best one I've heard yet!

  7. I had an imaginary friend. I still do, but I don't like him now. He spills stuff and I end up taking the blame. Anyway, I turned out normal...

  8. I read 3 posts at once.

    1. Whenever we get a newspaper that has been robbed of ads and coupons, we take it back to the store and they give us a new one. We try to never grab the one on top to avoid this. So irritating!

    2. We are, as you know, praying for your brother.

    3. Caedmon cracks me up! I had all kinds of imaginary friends. I knew they weren't real..but I needed people to play with. We lived in the boonies!

  9. Chris...I was wondering if my comment would generate a tangible response. That comment probably is up for debate...but you can't go there with me :-) and everyone else would just agree with you. LOL