Wednesday, February 09, 2011

At Least It’s Not His Pajamas

Since we’ve been at home a lot lately, it’s been a challenge to get Caedmon to wear anything besides pajamas. I can’t really blame him. But then he ends up sans shirt by 9am and then somehow by naptime he’s only wearing underwear, and that’s because I have a rule that he must wear at least that. And I haven’t fought it except for when we have actually gone somewhere.

Just a week and a half ago, my child was outside dressed like this…

417 Warm Day, January 2011

And then this…

428 Warm Day, January 2011

After a week and a half of snow, this is how he must be dressed outside.


And today I’m dreaming of when we can again be dressed like this.


This summer, I’m looking forward to Little Sister joining us for the backyard fun!

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