Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doorbell Warning

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that our naptimes over the past week have been plagued with doorbell ringers. I personally feel it should be illegal to ring someone’s doorbell during naptime. But since it isn’t, and I doubt Congress will feel it’s an important issue, I knew I had to do something about it at our house.

I had planned on making a sign similar to my friend Sara’s several months back, but never actually got it done. Then, I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal and I’d just get it finished by the time our new baby arrives in April.

But then came this past week. Dealing with a kid that’s been on the verge of being sick all the way to having a double ear infection and a disgusting cough, the boy needs all the rest he can get. And the following people did not help the situation any:

* Guy in t-shirt and track pants driving a beat up white van wanting to sell me “gourmet food”. No thanks.

* AT&T team of two letting me know I could get U-Verse. And I, because I’m so special, am eligible for an upgrade. As if the 17 letters, cards and flyers I get each week in the mail weren’t informational enough. Clearly I’m not smart enough to sign up for this service unless someone rings my doorbell and reminds me about it. During naptime.

* Several delivery people, which I must admit, were bringing things I ordered. But still, the doorbell during naptime is not cool.

I had already decided what I wanted on the sign. But I was tempted to change it. I don’t think that what I had planned conveyed my true feelings about naptime doorbell ringers. A few ideas that ran through my mind were:

“Ring Doorbell At Your Own Risk”

“If you wake up my child, you get to entertain the cranky child until naptime is over, or I deem you have suffered enough, whichever comes first. It won’t likely be the second option.”

“Ring Doorbell = Angry Mommy”

“Go away. It’s naptime.”

“Ringing this doorbell during naptime means I will never, ever buy anything from you, donate anything to your cause, or sign up for anything. Ever.”

“Ring doorbell and suffer 'to the pain’.”

But I didn’t. I stuck with my original design. It says, “Please DO NOT ring the doorbell. Kids are sleeping! Please knock softly or call: ###-###-####”

I haven’t finished it yet because I want to use another color (that I don’t currently have) for the bottom letters. But you’ll get the idea.


And yes, I realize that was false advertising because the boy wasn’t asleep at that moment. But he was on his way to bed. Close enough.

It works for me. It’d better. Or somebody might have to come bail me out of jail.

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  1. I laughed when I read this. I don't have too much trouble with a door bell ringer (partly because I don't have a door bell) but what I do have is a dog who barks everytime the UPS truck even drives by. Guess what time it drives by? between 1:30 and 2:00 . . .during prime nap time. AND if he is actually stopping - than it is a full episode of non-stop barking which I can't stop becasue I can't let the dog out . . .to attack the UPS man LOL

  2. I have been through this too. I wanted to make a sign but never got around to it. I even posted on FB that I wanted one that said "If you ring this bell or knock on this door and wake up my baby I WILL shoot you in the foot".

  3. Oh, man. Been there- done that!

    (Found you through WFMW)

  4. I have a smallish piece of pink paper that I tape OVER the doorbell. It says "SSSSHHHHH! It's naptime! Please knock instead." I put that up when I think someone might come by. I've never had anyone override it.

    I also have a no-solicitors thing that stays up all the time. You can bet that solicitors get The Look if they ignore that one.

  5. Personally, I like the "Go away. It's naptime." sign idea. Ha!

    Oh, and mine stays up all the time. I never remember to bring it in....but I figure it has my phone number on it so if it is a friend, they can call and I will still let them in. (c: