Friday, November 12, 2010

If boots are made for walkin’, I’m in trouble.

I have the hardest time finding a good pair of boots. First, because I am so picky. Second, because my feet are huge and my legs are skinny. Apparently when you have large feet, you’re supposed to also be much taller than I am and have fat legs. And to add to my dilemma, since I am no longer working in an office, I don’t need dressy boots, I need casual boots. Versatile casual boots.


Did I mention that I’m also indecisive when it comes to shoes? Decisions about paint color for the walls, where to place a comma, how to organize something, or what to substitute in a recipe, I can make. Decisions about shoes, especially boots? Not so much.

Add all that to my tendency to be cheap frugal, and you’ve got a recipe for boot shopping disaster.

Just ask my sisters. Poor Trump and Squirt have received numerous photo texts the last couple of days containing pictures of boots and “Which ones?” or “Do you like these?” They are longsuffering, that’s for sure. But Trump’s “You gonna be a biker mom?” response to one of the photos was not helpful. At all.

I think these are the ones that sparked that little comment.


I actually like them, but they’re a tad too short. See? Picky.

After much agonizing, trying on nearly every pair of boots in four different stores, I bought these.DAVIDSON by LIMELIGHT

But I’m not sure they’re right for me.

First, I am not a fan of the “almond toe” that’s so popular right now. I love me some square toe or a real round toe or something more pointy. But the almond toe seems like the designer couldn’t decide between a round toe or a pointy toe. That, I can decide.

Second, the ankle looks much better in the picture than it does on. Basically, they are soft leather and tapered weird so that it looks like you have cankles.

Also, they come all the way up to my knees. I realize that’s a very popular trend, but since when have I been all that trendy? Also, I am afraid they make me look shorter than I already am, and that, I do not need. I can hear Clinton and Stacy in the back of my head talking about proportion and all that jazz. I’m not sure they would approve.

I do, however, love the low heel and the more casual nature of these boots. I like the interest added by the buckles, and they are pretty comfy.

So here are a few pictures for your fashion perusal. Let me know what you think, because I’m seriously contemplating returning them.

(Please excuse the idiotic expression on my face. I was talking to Husband, my photographer, trying not to laugh at how stupid I felt taking pictures of myself in boots in the middle of the kitchen.)



I’m not sure I’m a fan of the bright blue zipper lining in the back, either.


In reality, I’ve about talked myself out of these boots. And via the internet, I am theoretically in love with these from Target that are very similar, and just as tall. But since I can’t try them on, I would have to order them and *hope* I like them once they get here.

Product Image Women's Xhilaration® Karima Leather Boots - Brown


Yes, I know they look very similar. But the subtle differences are what get me.

Anybody wanna go boot shopping with me? It seems like the only way I’ll ever end up with any. I’m open to suggestions. And I really do want to know what you think of the ones I bought and may possibly return.

Maybe I should just give up and come to the realization that I was never destined to own good boots.

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1 comment:

  1. I was just thinking that those boots go to your knees and would probably hit me mid-shin! Haha!

    I like the black ones but that blue on the back is just odd to me, too. I think I would feel the need to match things to it. :)

    The brown Target boots are cute, too! Would you wear brown or black boots more?

    Also, have you looked at Bakers in Rogers? They have a website, too. That is where my black and brown boots are from. They have some under $50 and then some over $50 but they are a great fit and well made.