Thursday, November 04, 2010

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

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Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 15 weeks (Need to catch up? Here’s last week.) I had my 15 week check-up yesterday. Dr. P said all was well and baby’s heart rate was in the 150’s. I scheduled my ultrasound appointment for next month, and I’m pretty excited!

Size of Baby: About 4 inches long or the size of an apple. Caedmon picked a Granny Smith apple at the grocery store because they’re his favorite. And before I could start taking pictures, he bit a big ol’ chunk out of the apple.


Yes, I realize my child is not wearing clothes. But he’d gotten applesauce on his shirt and pants earlier and took them off. I didn’t fight it. I was in Serenity Now mode. And in true male fashion, he was busy checking out his reflection in the oven door.


Apparently, he’s also ready for Christmas.

Big Brother Caedmon: Went with me to my 15 week appointment yesterday. He got all shy and buried his head in his Snoopy when Dr. P cranked up the heartbeat. We talked about it later. He said it made a “beep beep” sound, which it totally doesn’t. I think he’s just being onrey.

 Total Weight Gain/Loss: +1 pound since last month’s doctor’s visit, so that puts me at +3. Ya’ll, I totally thought it would be a total of +5! I was surprised…and pleased.

Maternity Clothes: Sometimes.

Gender: We don’t know yet.

Movement: Yes! I felt the baby move early one morning a week and a half ago, and a few times since then, more often in the last few days. It’s still pretty subtle, but this baby is a puncher/kicker!

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well these days.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Fatigue, though that’s getting better. And my hip is bugging me, but that’s nothing new.

What I Miss: Nothing except a real Coke here and there. But Dr. P said yesterday that an occasional Coke would be fine. I’ll save that until I’m really desperate.

Cravings: My pumpkin obsession has been replaced by pomegranates. (Although I wouldn’t turn down anything pumpkin at this point.) I bought one at the store last week and ended up eating the entire thing by myself. Plain. I bought another one this week. And Allison just had to tell me she and Baxter saw Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake at Sam’s the other day (along with about three other people since then!), so I might have to renew my Sam’s card just to go get some. Or kidnap a friend with a Sam’s membership.

 Best Moment This Past Week: My appointment yesterday, getting to hear the heartbeat and watching Caedmon get all embarrassed to listen to his brother/sister!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Caedmon’s attending a birthday party this weekend, and I’m pretty excited about that because it’s at a place that has the potential to wear him out so that a Saturday afternoon nap might be possible for us all. Also, I might be making a trip to Sam’s.

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