Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts of Randomness

1. My Walmart is rearranging the snack section again. Seriously, guys? This is ridiculous. Since our entire store was remodeled a few years ago, the snack section has undergone at least two makeovers. They’ve moved the peanut butter twice. When stuff is in a different place every 6 months, that’s not cool.

2. Also, when I went to Walmart, I had planned on getting a lemon for our baby-size pictures this week. And guess what? No lemons. Not one. But I did buy my first-ever pomegranate. I like pomegranates, but I’m a little weirded out by the thought of actually cutting one open and digging the seeds out. We’ll see how it goes.

3. I managed to get everything else on my list, but I didn’t get eggs. They weren’t on my list, but I needed them and didn’t know it. I hate it when that happens. I’ll make do.

4. Caedmon painted his pumpkin we brought home last week. He’s an artist in the making.



5. Caedmon’s also been begging to go to a Halloween party. I have no idea where he got the idea. I hope he actually wears his costume this year.

6. My child is starting to look like a shaggy little ragamuffin because his hair is so long. It’s past time for a haircut. But I don’t want to make a hair appointment just for him, when Husband or I are not planning on getting ours cut. Is that weird? Maybe Husband will get his cut soon and Caedmon can go too.

7. I also wanted to buy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at Walmart yesterday and they didn’t have it. The guy in electronics told me they only carry it “during the holiday season.” Well excuse me if I like to start watching it in October. Or June.

8. How can I not already own Christmas Vacation, you ask? I’m glad you did. Because I did own it. And I believe it was thieved by a relative, though they will never admit to it. And I’ve been so bitter over it that I haven’t purchased it (again) for the last six years or so. Actually, that’s not true - I just never got around to buying it. Since it’s on TV a million times every Christmas and my Mom has it, I haven’t had the need. But now I am pregnant and hormones cause you to do strange things, like buy pomegranates and want to watch Christmas movies in October. Or maybe that’s just because I like the movie. A lot.

9. I made pumpkin bread again yesterday, sans chocolate chips. I thought Husband didn’t like the chocolate chips I added to one of the loaves last time, but was informed last night that he ate that one first. Oops. Sorry, Babe. Maybe next time. ‘Cause you know I’m not done with this pumpkin kick just yet.

10. Caedmon is quite concerned about the leaves falling off the trees. It bothers him. At first, he was worried about them falling off, but then I explained that we call this season “fall” because the leaves all fall off, and it’s totally ok because they grow back in spring. He seemed to accept that until he discovered that not all of the leaves are falling off right now – only a few. Then he became concerned that the leaves aren’t doing what they’re supposed to and I had to explain that they don’t all fall off at once, but a little at a time. My detail-oriented child will get this whole crazy world figured out one of these days. Until then, I love trying to guess what he’ll notice next.

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  1. I feel your pumpkiness. I think tomorrow I might do Paula Deen's gooey butter cake pumpkin style. I can't stop with the pumpkins!!!!