Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thoughts Of Randomness

1. I just had to re-type the title about three times. My fingernails are far too long and are impeding my typing abilities.

2. Husband bought Candy Land for Caedmon the other night, thinking it would be a fun family game to play. Little did he know that a) Caedmon does not care much about finding the next color to move his man to; and b) when he does, look out, because we will be so sick of Candy Land we might pay someone to sneak into our house and steal it.


3. Since Candy Land didn’t go over so well, Husband also got Don’t Break The Ice. I think Caedmon only likes it because he gets to hit things with a little hammer.

4. I bought Caedmon snow boots yesterday. I know. It’s not even Halloween yet. But last year I made the critical mistake of thinking he wouldn’t need them, and when I did finally get some they were the best winter purchase I made for him. Children’s Place had them on sale for 30% off and I had a 20% off coupon, so I got them for half price. I had to jump on it.

5. Yes, he wore them around the house (along with the hat I bought) as soon as I got home (he’d stayed home with Husband). Let’s overlook the fact that it was 11:30am and he was still wearing his pajama shirt, though had somehow managed to put actual pants on. Clearly we are striving for excellence.


6. As I was walking thru Dillard’s at the mall yesterday, they had a TV blaring an infomercial for Spanx for Men. Wow. I had to laugh though, because it reminded me of Frank Costanza and Kramer’s “Bro”. They were ahead of the times, those two.

7. Caedmon has this thing lately where he completely trashes his room. He’ll dump out an entire tub of stuff to find one toy. It’s about to get on my last nerve.


8. As we were watching Phineas & Ferb yesterday, a thought occurred to me. (Disney cartoons are about as deep and philosophical as it gets around here these days.) Anyway, they were reading some ancient hieroglyphs and of course a mummy came to life or something crazy like that. The thought I had was this: doesn’t anyone read those things silently in their head before they read them out loud? Of course, then we wouldn’t have The Mummy and its two sequels or the spin-off The Scorpion King. But still. Let this be a lesson to you. If you ever come across any ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, read them silently to yourself first and see what they say so as not to bring a curse upon the world. It would make me feel better.

9. My 11 Week post will be up late tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment and “I want to go to there” before I put the post up.

10. The new fall TV season has been sort of “meh” for me so far. CBS having moved The Big Bang Theory to Thursdays has really messed up my Mondays. And Thursdays. There are plenty of things to watch, but I’m not highly enamored with anything. And knowing that this may be the last season of The Office (or at least The Office as we know it), the whole thing just seems kind of sad. My bright spot is 30 Rock because as stupid as it is, it always makes me laugh. And I love the opening theme music. Don’t get me wrong – the DVR stays full and my addiction to TV is in full force. I’m just not happy with it.

I just read those last two sentences back to myself and they sound pretty pathetic.

I think I’ll stop writing now before it gets any worse.

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  1. Okay, I laughed at several points of this post! :)
    I used to babysit these kiddos who loved Candy Land. I cringed everytime they went into the closet to get it, because someone would cry if they lost!
    I LOVED the line about striving for excellence. I love the way you write.
    TV wise, I'm way messed up with them moving Big Bang Theory. :( Although I'm not happy with the TV shows, I'm addicted too.
    I won't watch The Office though. It hasn't been the same since Season 4. So I want to remember it as it was. Not as it is.

    (That sounded pathetic.)

  2. I like number 8! LOL! I am kind of feeling you with TV too. We have DVR for the first time and I am thinking do we really need this, these shows aren't all that great. If I miss them oh well!

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