Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby #2: 13 Weeks

Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 13 weeks (Need to catch up? Here’s last week.)

Size of Baby: About 3 inches, the size of a medium shrimp. How am I supposed to know what a “medium shrimp” is opposed to a “large shrimp” or a “shrimpy shrimp”? I’m definitely not taking a ruler to the grocery store. So I decided to use Caedmon’s farmer instead. Caedmon really wasn’t into the photo op this time.



 Big Brother Caedmon: We’ve had a better week than we did last week. And since we weren’t so busy this week, we got a chance to just hang out at the house some, which was nice. He will occasionally ask, “Do you still have a baby in your belly?” And that leads to lots of other questions. I’m glad he’s curious and interested.

Caedmon got a card with some stickers in the mail from the nurses at Children’s, and he wanted to share one with the baby.


 Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m still claiming +2 pounds from my last doctor’s visit.

Maternity Clothes: Sometimes. I need to pull all my maternity clothes out of the storage tub and start putting them in my closet. It’s that weird time in pregnancy when nothing really fits, so you have to try on a million things before you go somewhere to find something that won’t fall off or squeeze your eyeballs out.

Gender: We don’t know yet. Caedmon is still saying brother!

Movement: Maybe. I think that early the other morning I felt the baby move a couple of times. Husband asked if I was sure it wasn’t gas or indigestion. I appreciate his confidence. But it’s very distinct, that baby-moving-feeling. Once you know what it is, you don’t really mistake it for anything else.

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well these days. The allergies have calmed down. Now I just need to get Caedmon out of his random 3am “Momma, I need something…” habit and we’ll be good. Although, he fell off the bed the other night, bless his little heart. I heard him yell, “Momma! I rolled off the bed!” By the time I got in there, he’d climbed back up but had left his blanket in the floor and needed some help figuring stuff out. Poor guy.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Fatigue. The other day at the store I had one of those, “Um, I need to eat something right now or things will not be good” moments. It snuck up on me, too.

What I Miss: Nothing except a real Coke here and there.

Cravings: I’m still thinking about that Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake from last week and wondering how I can get to The Cheesecake Factory to get some. Still toying with the idea of making it myself. I appreciate those of you who are willing to sacrifice your taste buds (and waistline) to help me eat it if I should decide to experiment. I’ll let you know. Desperation might kick in soon.

I do sort of have a lime obsession right now. I’m loving it on just about everything.

Other than that, not really anything in particular…just pumpkin-y, cinnamon-y things. But that happens every fall so I don’t know if that qualifies as a craving.

Also, Jennifer told me about Chocolate Animal Crackers and my life has not been the same. With that and the Candy Corn I bought at the grocery store, I’m really not looking forward to the scale at my next appointment.

Best Moment This Past Week: Probably (maybe) feeling the baby move. I love it. Also, finding out that Baby #2 will have a cousin very close in age! Curly is expecting her #2 sometime in June, so Cousin Q will be a big brother as well.

Trump already has it all worked out. She says Caedmon, the oldest, will be the mastermind. Cousin Q will be the muscle. And the two little ones will be the minions. It’s probably not far from the truth. Any of you who grew up around your cousins knows how that goes.

What I Am Looking Forward To: I know this sounds weird, but we’re supposed to have sort of a cool, rainy weekend, and I am really looking forward to that!

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