Monday, August 30, 2010

The Birthdays

We had a big, busy weekend.

Thursday was Husband’s birthday, and his parents arrived Thursday afternoon to help us celebrate. After dinner at MAD Pizza, we had some of this cake:


Friday we hung out and ran some errands. I also made cupcakes for Caedmon’s party on Saturday.



Saturday was Caedmon’s birthday party. I can’t tell you how excited he was for it to finally be party day!

Here’s the table setup.


I think Rex was my favorite.


And the boy when he saw it for the first time.


The two things Caedmon requested for his party: party hats and balloons. He couldn’t wait until the party started to put on a party hat.


Everyone started arriving and we had a blast.

Caedmon, Poppy, Chris, Deputy Guy


Curly, Nana holding Cousin Q, Mom


Aunt Trump, Uncle Grade A holding Cousin Q, and Deputy Guy


Cousin Q definitely made the rounds…here he is with HLB.


We got down to the presents pretty quickly. No sense in wasting time.


MONEY! It was pretty funny how excited Caedmon was over getting money. He doesn’t know what to do with it besides put it in his airplane bank…which he wanted to do immediately! It’s hard to explain to a 3 year-old that you don’t put paper money in those things.


  Aunt Trump and Uncle Grade A brought a fabulous gift…TS3 fishing pole!


There were lots of other great gifts, but most of the pictures of those are blurry…the boy was moving quick!

We finally got down to the cake.



Then we had to bust outside for some fishing pole lessons from Grade A and Trump while Squirt supervised.


Aunt Squirt ended up pulling the “boat” for a fishing expedition.


Uncle NLB and Cousin Q spied the action and needed to get in on some of it.


So the little guys ended up on a voyage together.


Here’s the whole bunch.


Uncle HLB brought Caedmon a Transformer that has a striking resemblance to his own truck (Ironhide). The only problem is that it apparently requires an engineering degree to work it.


Caedmon does adore Ironhide though. I just have to figure out how to transform him back into a truck from the pseudo-robot he is now. He’s in a half changed state because the two grown men who tried to change him back to a truck after the party were unable to. Now I get to sit down with the directions (that only use pictures to tell you how to change it from a truck to a robot) and reverse-engineer a truck.

After the party dispersed, NLB hung around to sword fight with Caedmon in his new Ninja/Karate outfit Nana made for him.


It was a great party. It was nice having everyone over and it was good to see Caedmon really enjoy his birthday party for the first time ever. We are worn out, but glad we were able to spend time with everyone and have fun.

Tomorrow is Caedmon’s actual birthday. 3 year-old pictures come tomorrow!

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