Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday In July

I totally skipped the weekend recap since I was so excited about the new ghost dress. Still can’t find it on the site, by the way. Weird.

Anyway, Saturday was really the only day worth mentioning. We decided to go swimming at Mom & Dad’s. Husband hasn’t had a chance to go swimming with us all summer (besides White Water, which doesn’t really count as swimming), so we thought it would be fun. Caedmon had invited Mimi to come swim, so she came to hang out with us for a while. And Josh and Brody came to swim with us while Jennifer had some girl time. We were glad they came. Otherwise, there would’ve been no head-to-head raft crashing. And what’s a trip to the pool without that?


After all the raft wrecks, they needed some rest. And a lunch break.



And then it was back to the pool!



I just love Brody’s face. He knew he was about to get wet!

Josh and Brody left just before HLB arrived with a new toy.


And not that you can tell, but Caedmon was pretty excited about it.


Riding with Uncle HLB was pretty fun. Caedmon asked to ride over and over again. I never did get a photo of him smiling, as he was trying so hard to remain serious about the whole thing. I think the only time he really smiled was when they were going too fast for me to get a photo.


The rest of Saturday was not nearly as fun. We came home and while Caedmon napped, I trimmed our shrubs. They were in desperate need. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I did nearly die of heat exhaustion (not really), and my left arm is still sore from holding those trimmers at weird angles. But, I am especially thankful to my friend Christy for letting me borrow their electric trimmers. If she hadn’t, I might still be out there, hacking away at those shrubs.

On the potty training front, Caedmon has now been dry during naps and at night for over a week. He’s also been accident-free since last week. I’m not saying we’re “there” yet, but we’re getting close. Now if I can just get him to drop the “I have to go pee” 5 minutes after I put him to bed, we’ll be doing good.

And then we’ll mess it all up again when we switch to the toddler bed. Sigh. It never ends.

So have a happy Tuesday!

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