Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Portable Potty

When you are potty training, the location (and cleanliness status) of the nearest bathroom is constantly on your mind. And after a few day trips in which there was either no potty or one so gross I was afraid of it, I decided to find an alternative.

When I was growing up (with 6 younger siblings), Mom kept a potty chair in the back of our van. It was well-used. I wasn’t all about carrying a potty chair around with me, but I found a great substitute.

It’s the Portable Potty. It works as a seat on a toilet or as its own little potty.



We’ve already taken it to a state park, where it was used three times. Just those three times have been worth every penny. You do have to be careful though, because Caedmon ended up pinching his fingers once. The “legs” it stands on snap into place, but don’t lock. So when we were parked on a hill and he sat down a little sideways, it collapsed. But we remedied that quickly and went on about our business.

I cannot tell you how awesome it was to just tie up that sack and toss it in the trash. No fuss over cleaning the potty out or worrying if water was available. And we were able to use it in the back of our SUV without any trouble.

You can buy refill liners if you wish. The reviews I read said that a grocery sack (with no holes!) along with a few folded-up paper towels in the bottom was an excellent substitute for the company’s liners. (They have an absorbent pad in the bottom, and the potty comes with three liners.)

I made my own refill liners as suggested in some of the reviews. I found several grocery sacks without holes, folded up 2 paper towels and stuck them into the bottom of each bag. Then, I folded them individually and stuck them into an old wipes container. And after using the refill liners that came with the potty, I think these will work just fine. If you wanted to go a little more high-tech, you could use a thin absorbent pad instead of the paper towels. They would stick to the bottom of the sack like the store-bought refill liners, but they would also cost more, though probably not as much as the refill liners.

The potty also comes with a heavy weight plastic carrying bag, which makes it easy to slide under the seat or store in the back of the car.


Action shots? Not this time.

And I will say that in a pinch, I might just end up using this thing myself. There won’t be any action shots of that, either.

It works for me. Head on over to Kristen’s for more Works-For-Me-Wednesday!

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  1. Ooh - when we start potty-training in a year or two, I will keep this in mind. I HATE public bathrooms, so I could see myself using this, too, haha. Would sure beat the Sonic cup I've used on more than one occasion. :)

  2. Hey,
    we bought the same one last week--we also had wobbly legs so I reread the instructions and they do really "lock" better- you just have to really push up into the hinge. Of course, that makes it really hard to then unlock the legs to fold it back up to put away.

    I was thinking that it's pretty gross when it's lying flat on a seat, and then you have to touch it to fold it back up. eww..:)

    oh well, nothing's perfect!

  3. Melissa12:55 PM

    I just bought this exact thing yesterday, as I plan to start potty training my son this weekend. Since I have so many diapers left over, I'm going to use diapers in a plastic grocery bag as a way to catch his waste while on the road.

  4. I remember that potty chair that Mom kept in the van... I remember it well.
    It didn't have little baggies with it... I guess she was just ahead of her time.

  5. We have the same chair and it is handy!

  6. Thanks for the helpful tip. Our daughter has just started using the potty effectively and we have 2 road trips planned for the weekend. I was dreading it until I read your tip on homemade potty liners. I'll stopping by my local drugstore and buying a bag of superabsorbent maxi pads and I have compost pail liners that will work perfectly for the job. Thanks again!

    1. It's certainly a lifesaver! We still carry it in the car at all times. I actually used some pads I had left over after Honor was born to make some of the refill liners. I wasn't going to use those monstrous things for anything else, anyway!