Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Razorback Pride

I’m going to take the rest of this week off, but before I take a break from the computer for a few days, I wanted to show you some photos I took of Caedmon last week.

It was stinkin’ hot and humid (which is abnormal for this time of year in the mountains), so my grandiose plans for all sorts of awesome pictures didn’t quite work out. By the time we got everything figured out, the boy was starving and I was sweaty and gross. (I’m sure the people at Wendy’s appreciated that when we stopped for lunch.)

First, we went to the Tusk statue. Caedmon liked it. I can’t remember if he’s ever set foot on campus, but I know he’s never seen the Tusk statue. He, however, inherently knew how cool Tusk was.



I really wanted a cool shot of him with the stadium over his shoulder. This was the best I could get with a hot, wiggly, hungry 2 year-old that had just hiked up a huge hill to get to this spot. It might look a little better once I edit it, but I don’t think I can paste a smile on that little face.


And he was concerned about the traffic at the corner of Dickson. Smart boy.


I wanted to use Memorial Hall as a backdrop, but of course it was under construction in the one area I wanted to use. And I didn’t feel like traipsing all over campus to find a comparable spot, which I’m sure there is. So I just went to one of my favorite places on campus – the lawn in front of Old Main. It was worth it, because that’s where we got the money shots.

(He thought it was funny that I was laying on my stomach. A Momma’s gotta do what a Momma’s gotta do.)

Edit, with frame-01142 Edit, with frame-01146

Edit, with frame-01253 

I’ll definitely have to go back in the fall. Such a fun spot for photos. Maybe the buildings I want to use won’t be under construction then. Of course, we’ll have to battle the throngs of students and/or football fans. Maybe we’ll go back sooner than I thought.

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  1. I love the 'money shots'. What a great idea to go back to your college and take pics. Aaron and I should do that...
    I like the stadium picture. Caedmon looks cute.

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  3. Those are cute pictures!

    The best time to go to campus in the fall is on Sunday afternoons/early evenings. It's not crowded at all! We go a lot in the fall at that time!