Friday, June 11, 2010

Life’s A (Petting) Zoo

Tuesday, we made a trip to Uncle Grade A and Aunt Trump’s. Also known as Aunt Trump’s Petting Zoo and Critter Emporium. It seems that they end up with all kinds of creatures in all sorts of ways, and of course we have to go see them!

The main attraction was HLB’s fawn (baby deer). HLB was working out off some random highway last week and found this little guy caught in a fence. Of course, it would’ve been great if HLB could’ve freed the little guy and he could go back to his Mom and live happily ever after. But that’s not exactly how it works. Even if he could find his Momma, she’d likely not take him back because he had people smell on him, and he’d starve to death. Having lived on a farm for a long time, my family has raised many deer fawns. Some were cherished family pets for many years. And some of them like bubble gum, FYI.


Bambi is a little guy still. He’s probably just a week or so old. And I know that Trump is grateful Bambi doesn’t like a bottle, but will lap his milk up from a dish. That makes life much easier. Babies are babies and pretty much eat all the time.


We decided to go outside so Bambi would follow us and maybe play a little bit.


He’s a little shy, but very sweet. Caedmon kept trying to pet his head and he didn’t care for that.


Bambi and Sugars were checking each other out.


Trump also had some baby bunnies. Grade A was brush hogging (mowing with a big tractor, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the farm lingo), and he ran over the rabbit nest. The babies started running all over the place and he jumped down and ran around like a maniac to catch some of them. (That was Trump’s description. I didn’t actually see it.) So of course, one of them had to be called Thumper.



After Caedmon was done with Bambi and Thumper (which didn’t take long), we fed the kitties and horses. And of course, played in the horse trough a little. Caedmon was determined to empty the water one cup full at a time.


We also went to see the chickens, but as they are no longer little yellow fluffy things, Caedmon was a little less interested in them.

As we were getting ready to leave, Trump found a baby toad and let Caedmon hold it. He wasn’t really sure why he was holding that frog. That didn’t last long either. I don’t think it even peed on him. Every kid should get peed on by a frog at some point. I guess he’ll have to wait a little longer.


After we left Trump’s, we went to Mom & Dad’s for our first big swim of the year. I cannot tell you how much Caedmon l.o.v.e.d. it. I figured he’d be a little reserved since it’s his first time in the deep water in a while. Um, no. I put his “swim backpack” on him (which helps him float enough to keep his chin out of water) and he was all about the big pool. He “swam” to and from the ladder, the float, and even wanted Papa Duke to throw him into the pool (where I was waiting). There are no pictures this time because there was too much splashing to even try to get the camera close. Needless to say, we’ll be going back again soon and Caedmon may grow gills by the end of summer.

Meanwhile, it’s been rainy-ish for a couple of days, and I think the boy is having water withdrawals. He might just shrivel up and blow away if I don’t figure out a way to get him in the water today. And we certainly can’t have that.

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