Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Giant Family Vacation Part 2

After our trip to White Water, we cleaned up, ate dinner, and got ready for some friendly family competition. Or torture, whichever you’d like to call it.

Our condo had a putt putt golf course, so Mom divided us up into teams and we all played. It was sort of like shotgun-style, because if we all played like you’re supposed to, it would’ve taken all night long and someone would’ve died or been horribly maimed. So we had 2 balls and each team just took turns with the players.

Team 1 was: Dad, me, Deputy Guy, K, Fidget, and Coe. (Since Coe was the odd man out, he got to choose his team. He chose us. That says something about us, I think. Or about the other team.)

Team A (Because there can be no team 2) was: Mom, Husband, Curly, NLB, and Squirt.

Caedmon was on his own team. For obvious reasons.

Cousin Q got to play too.


Preparing to play.


Waiting your turn is b-o-r-i-n-g.


Deputy Guy and Cousin Q pulled a Happy Gilmore.


Apparently Squirt and NLB were bored. Or providing distraction, whichever way you’d like to look at it.


I did actually play. Usually my turn came when we were backed into a corner, though.


Caedmon enjoyed the loop.


Coe ended up having to get the ball out of a rock during his shot. More Happy Gilmore.


And here we are afterwards. We were all hot and sweaty. Some of us were a little more grouchy than others. And all of us were a bit worn out. Coe was taking the picture, so he didn’t make this shot. K traded places with him and he got his pic with the family. You can see more in Mom’s Facebook picture album. She also provides great photo commentary.


That night we all got cleaned up, played more insane dominoes, and had a good night’s sleep. Thursday morning we got up, Caedmon asked if he could go to the water park again, polished off the cinnamon rolls and whatever other scraps of food happened to be laying around, packed up and headed out. Caedmon was exhausted, but that didn’t keep him from enjoying one of the best “vacation” foods of all time on the way home. White powdered donuts. Maybe that’s why he managed to stay awake all the way home.


We spent the rest of Thursday cleaning up and doing laundry and all the stuff you have to do when you come home from vacation. Friday, Husband worked, so Caedmon and I hung out at home and tried to relax some. And he swam in his pool. Imagine that.

So vacation is officially over. Back to reality.

In other news, our garden is still alive. And we have a squash that’s almost ready. We’ll see how this “when kids grow their vegetables they’re more likely to eat them” thing goes. We’d have bout 17 squash by now if there wasn’t some sort of rotting going on. When they’re tiny, they are starting to rot around the blossom. Any of you gardeners out there know what the deal is?

And today is Caedmon’s dentist check-up. Hopefully that goes smoothly. I’ve already promised a McDonald’s date afterwards. He did great at the dentist last time, but if our last haircut is any indication of what could happen, well, I could be the one with the screaming kid this time. Hopefully not. Because that reality would not be fun.

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  1. Is that the green dress you had a stain on? I don't recall if you got it out or not. :-) Or I could be confusing you with another blog and you can ignore me.
    I love powdered doughnuts too! :-)

  2. That is the green dress with the funky spot! You have a good memory, Angela. It still has the weird spot on it. I'd taken it with the plan to wear it home from the water park, but it was hot and very humid and I didn't care about the stain after we got back.

  3. None of us even noticed the stain!