Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

Wow. What a weekend. You might notice that it’s Tuesday and I’m just now getting around to my regular weekend recap that I usually do on Monday. Or maybe you’re like me and you just sort of tacked Monday onto the weekend because you needed a day to recover. If I still worked in an office, yesterday would’ve qualified as a serious “case of the Mondays.”

Friday was busier than usual for us. Husband went disc golfing (Disc golfing? Is that right? I’m not schooled on the proper disc golf tense etiquette.) and saw Iron Man 2. He took Caedmon with him for the disc golf, but a 2 year-old in a movie theater is not something we consider to be fun (or appropriate), so I picked the boy up after disc golf and we went to an appointment and to vote. We also stopped by to see Deputy Guy since we were at the courthouse, and I have been reminded even today that he gave Caedmon “chokwet and pnut butter.” What a good uncle! We finished the night by dropping Caedmon off for Friday Night Out and an ice cream date at Chick-fil-A and Barnes & Noble. We like to go on extravagant dates like that once in a while. It keeps the fire burning.

Saturday I got to sleep in for a bit, then was awakened by my guys bearing Mother’s Day gifts. They brought me cards and Whoppers. And played this song they’d made for me. And notified me that my “real” gift was still in route via the postal service.

So we got up and did some stuff. But the most monumental thing is this.


Yes, it’s a tree. But you really have no idea what this tree being in this spot signifies. It represents two years of me saying to Husband, “We need to move that tree.” And he did. On Saturday. NLB and one of his friends came to help us, and I’m very glad they did. I paid them in warm, gooey cookies. I really hope that tree lives. Otherwise it’s two years of wasted breath, wasted time on a Saturday and some misspent cookies. And a free tree that will have cost money to replace it.

The mail came. And so did my gift. It’s definitely the bomb. (And yes, I wore it to church on Sunday.)

And then? I got to go up to our church and help judge a Mother/Daughter Chocolate Festival. (More on that later.) So basically, I had chocolate for dinner. And loved every second of it.

The evening was topped off with Betty White on SNL. I cannot even tell you how happy I was to finally see her with the not ready for prime time players. She was in every sketch. And the show was actually funny all the way through. I can’t decide if I liked the Manuel Ortiz sketch, MacGruber, the Sally O’Malley sketch, or the Crazy Lady Census sketch the best. (I just realized that for an old lady, Betty likes to talk about sex a lot. I guess after The Golden Girls, I shouldn’t be surprised.) I say bring Betty White back to SNL. Soon.

Sunday was Sunday. Along with some extra fun via a cookout at Mom & Dad’s with the family and lots of friends for Mother’s Day, Fidget’s graduation (high school), Grade A’s graduation (college), and HLB’s birthday. And remember last week when we were swimming? Sunday’s weather required this attire:


It was a great weekend. And I was worn out from it. I didn’t have the strength to fight Caedmon yesterday when he insisted he wear his footie pajamas to the grocery store. So he wore his pajamas all day yesterday. I think that today I will join him and we’ll try to get a few things done around here.

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  1. That tree will require LOTS of water...all summer...and keep it up until the fall. And I promise not to touch it...lest my black thumb cause it to die! LOL

  2. Meant to say "keep it up THROUGH the fall" - that is, the watering.