Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chocolate Festival

Need I say more?

I will anyway.


Last week, I jokingly told Ashleigh I wanted to judge at Saturday’s Chocolate Festival. I thought she’d put me on the list for next year. But to my delight, she said she’d love to have me as a judge and told me what time to show up. I don’t think I’ve been that excited about a Saturday afternoon in a long time.

Ya’ll know I watch tons of TV. Lots of cooking shows and shows where cooking is judged. There are some judges I like, some I don’t. Like the other night on Top Chef Masters, one of the judges actually said something like, “I thought the meat was mushy and without texture, but I think the general population will think it was tender.” What? It’s like they think normal people can’t taste things. And they take themselves way too seriously.

Anyway, I was determined that it was going to be fun and I was definitely going to take the chocolate seriously. Myself? Not so much. I think the other judges felt the same way. We were all about the chocolate.

DSC00790The judges:  Tracey, Ashley, Me, Ashley C., and Mrs. Flint (Tracey’s Mom)

As we were tasting all the yummy goodness, we judges sat together and took the chocolate quiz along with the contestants (just for fun). We got 8 of 10 questions correct, and even got the bonus questions right. We felt we were imminently qualified to eat lots of chocolate.

The Moms and Daughters played several games. Here’s one, where the daughters had to feed chocolate candy to the moms, who had to identify it.

DSC00793 (Shout out to Jill at the right end of the table.)

When it came time to decide on winners, the judges convened and hashed out our decisions. I actually said things like, “It was the perfect bite” and “Did you taste cola in that?” We felt very Iron Chef/Top Chef/Chopped. Only less pompous and with much better senses of humor.

In the end, some great chocolate dishes won some fun prizes, and we all got to eat lots of yummy stuff. I think I’ll invite myself back to judge again next year.

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  1. You definitely will be a judge next year! I loved having you there and your seriousness about chocolate! Because it is a serious thing! :-)

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    How fun!