Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can Someone Please Explain…

…why everything becomes urgent (to someone else) the moment you pick up the phone?

…why a child who thinks it’s really cool to whisper suddenly loses all concept of whispering when the phone is in your hand? (Or the moment you enter the grocery store, even?)

…why the phone itself, when in use, is like a chaos magnet? Everything crazy happening in the universe must occur within 4 feet of the phone.

…if it would be rude to hand my phone to my 2 year-old when a telemarketer calls?

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  1. I totally 100% agree with's like all heck breaks loose when I need to talk on the phone. Oh and as far as the telemarketing...I've not done it "yet" (HA HA!) but I remember when my Dad used to give the phone to my little sister Kaley when she was about 3 and we would all die laughing at how long the salesperson would actually talk to her! I will say it makes for great entertainment!

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  3. Love it! SO, so, so (painfully) true!

  4. I love the telemarketer idea! And yes, the same thing happens to me. Craziness anytime I'm on the phone. So frustrating!