Monday, April 12, 2010

Sort Of A Weekend Recap

I sat down to do a weekend recap and post some photos of what we did. Except that we didn’t really do much except hang out around the house and go to the playground. And there aren’t photos of that. The weather was spectacular though, and we spent as much time outside as I could stand.

Friday afternoon, I took some portraits of my next-to-youngest sister, Fidget. It’s hard to believe it’s already time for her Senior Pictures. And she’s hoping to receive an acceptance letter to West Point in the near future. Her sport? MMA. Mixed Martial Arts. She was in her first cage match Saturday night. And she was awesome, of course.

She can kick your tail and look good doing it.


I’m still experimenting with Lightroom 2. I bought a book on our date Friday night (yes, we go to the bookstore when we’re out on a date, thankyouverymuch.), so maybe I’ll actually figure out what I’m doing with it pretty soon.

Husband and I went out Friday night to the movies and made a quick trip to the bookstore, as mentioned above. We saw Date Night and got a great laugh and a nice ab workout.

Saturday was spent in the backyard and the playground and just hanging around the house.

Sunday was weird. I got home from church and discovered that I had a nearly-flat tire. So we left and went to have that fixed. I ended up buying groceries while we were waiting. It stunk having to spend some of my Sunday afternoon in the grocery store, but I am glad I did so we could spend this gorgeous day without that on our to-do list.

We were honored last night to escort a lady to our church’s Widow’s Banquet. This was our first time to attend, as we’ve always had other conflicting ministry activities. Mrs. B was very sweet and fun to talk to. Not only has she been widowed, she’s been widowed twice, once at a very young age. Hearing her story was amazing, and I found myself wondering if I had been in her shoes, if I’d have come thru it like she did. There’s a reason the Lord commands us to take care of widows – and it’s not just for them. It’s for us, too.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, is anyone else watching The Celebrity Apprentice? I tweeted last night that Bret Michaels was the only person to have cried every episode. “I don’t cry, guys.” Whatever. Husband was wondering why they’re going back to the regular Apprentice in the fall, and I think we know why. The Donald is tired of celebrities whining and crying and flaking out with their “other important engagements” that normal people aren’t allowed to have. And I totally don’t get him letting Sharon Osborne be gone but telling Michael Johnson he can’t come back. But I’m not bitter or anything. You just have to laugh at celebrities and how they live in a completely different world than the rest of us.

So now I’m off to tackle my giant Monday to-do list and spend some time in the sunshine with the boy. He’s not even done with breakfast yet and he’s already asking to go outside.

*Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to the other post that was up earlier this morning, it'll be back tomorrow. Apparently I can't count. Or read a calendar.*

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  1. we like to go to the bookstore on dates too. We get a few books each, get something to drink and sit in peace and quiet for as long as we can. We did this before children (when I too was a better mother and wife).